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These guys contacted me recently offering me a £1400 loan over a 24month period repaying £75 per month. As I was in some financial difficulties at the time I took them up on their offer. Everything was in place but they firstly requested £75 for first month before loan could be transferred.

I agreed but the funds werent transferred. I then called back and was told they could not be transferred to another £110 was paid for administration charges. I reluctantly paid this in good faith. Naive I know but desperate also. At this stage I was in too deep. This carried on for another 3 payments, 5 in total, each promising that this was the last stage of my process.

When they demanded a 6th payment of £50 for a guarantor I then realised I could not go on. I tried to cancel and they requested a cancellation charge of £55. I agreed it could be taken out of the £350, but this was not an option for them and had to be transferred again via Moneygram method although there was no way I was going to take the chance again. I simply couldn't afford to. I feel badly let down because I was vulnerable. I am now in stages of seeking reimbursed. I have contacted police, consumer direct who have also notified trading standards. I have sent a letter within 14days and at present am seeking a response. I guess its been a learning experience

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