Anglian Home Improvements A complete Shambles

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I should explain I've been writing this review since the 17th may 2017

What a Shambles!! I Ordered my Conservatory on Jan 23rd the first part of this process seemed to go pretty smoothly!! or so i thought the Surveyor turned up on the 7th Feb. We talked about having a landing outside the Conservatory and keeping the original steps down to ground level, I then received an Email to say the Conservatory had been measured wrong and needed to be bigger and that he would revisit to revise the Layout which he never did!! which has resulted in me having the 600mm Landing no problem but now no way of getting down to ground level due to the increase in the projection of the Conservatory it has completely rubbed out my original steps.

I will now have a 2 ft drop out of my French doors to ground level!! I've considered attaching a zip wire to the nearby Pine tree. for my Elderly parents to use!!. I have tried to ring Anglian Who if they bother to answer reply with the old Chestnut the Manager will sort this and get back to you!! Of course he will NOT!!!!!

Whilst on to Anglian I asked when the frame would be fitted? another 3 weeks to wait that will take us to the 5th June!! The job wasn't even booked in she gave me the earliest date available!! surely once the building process starts the subsequent jobs should be booked, It certainly shouldn't be up to the customer to check these processes are done, God knows how long it will take the Electrician to show up then the builders again to plaster and render the walls. This was supposed to be all finished before Easter!! The Pre build surveyor who showed his face for all of 5 minutes said once the frame was put forward for production (which he would do that day) the job takes about 3 to 5 weeks to finish YEAH RIGHT... that was on the 2nd April!! Why say these thing I'd rather people be honest. The Builders didn't turn up till the 4th May and that was after a phone call to see what was going on as I'd heard nothing since the surveyors visit.

I wonder how long the job would take if you had the right to hold off payment for as long as they keep you waiting over the 3 month period!!! Poor show Anglian. I have to add though the Builders they sub contracted out were great its a shame they don't fit their own conservatories..Seriously look to local firms to use.. in hindsight I wish I had instead of falling for the Sales patter #hopefullybeinforchristmas they're really not going to want my reviews I've signed up for!!

UPDATE:- The Frame work should of started today (after waiting over 3 weeks after the building work finished) surprise, surprise!! no show, no Phone call nothing i rang the Stockport Office to see what is going on i was given the Emergency Job excuse and told they'd be with me by Lunchtime!! Unless i have the invisible man working on this build they've let me down... I live next to a building firm this job by Anglian is causing great hilarity with the boys. They have a book going on how many excuses i'll get by the end of the job and how long its actually going to take. they think its great I ON THE OTHER HAND AM GOING GREY WITH THE STRESS!!!! I did think i'd sorted the step when having to resort to moaning to head office the Stockport office finally rang me back and said of course i would get a step ...I really do think Anglian would struggle to organise a p-up in a brewery Nearly 5 Months and nothing to show except 2 small breeze block walls a concrete base and cement dust traipsed through the House every day!! JUST FABULOUS:(

(Tues) an Anglian Van turned up Yey!! they dumped some of the frame in the garden and then left saying they weren't working on my Conservatory that day Doh!! They did promise to come back tomorrow though..

so they arrived this morning (Wed)and started with great gusto till a problem with the box guttering arose which will result in new guttering going up on the house. Also more worryingly there seems to be some discrepancy with the glass panel sizes on 1 wall which i asked to be changed by the surveyor to match in with the roof joists and the panels on the other wall this has not been done and now looks odd i am going to call head office now as its not as the new plans show.. God knows what can be done about it!! i think it will be a new frame and glass made and the wall made smaller!! luckily i have proof of the changes that should of been made things can only get better surely?

So Anglian have admitted there's a mistake instantly and a new frame and glass panels have gone into Production today to replace the problem!! I have to say they've been very good about it so far and have promised the replacement will be sorted asap. The Fitters who thought they may have to leave the job half way through till the new frame arrived have come up with a solution to carry on with the fit so at least it will be weather proof till the new frame goes in and i can see its going to be lovely when its all finished. Its definitely good Quality thank goodness we noticed the mistake before the job was finished!!

20th June still waiting for replacement Frame though since my last update the Electrician has been and the Plasterer though he says when they put in the new frame he will probably have to come back and repair the plaster... Nobody has been to do the rendering and i notice there's a hole in the top of the outside wall where a brick is missing!! Still no step to ground level and one of the glass units has a large scratch on the inside of the unit so will need to be replaced. I will not sign this job off till its all done!! i still have cement dust traipsed through the house EVERY DAY as the floor fitter don't want to start till the new frame goes in because of any damage that will be caused by Anglian this will be 7 weeks on Thurs since this build started!!! And 21 weeks since i Ordered this NIGHTMARE!!!! Come on Anglian Pull your finger out!!

4.7.17 Still nothing we spoke to Anglian last week they're still waiting on the frame 9 weeks today this build has been going on and 23 weeks since ordering!!!!! How does this Company keep going it Amazes me they are hopeless its so frustrating...

16.07.17 still nothing!! so much for rushing this replacement frame through production!!..

18,07.17 I've just found out Anglian have been lying to me the Frame has been at Stockport waiting to be fitted!! I've put in an Official complaint now and demanded Compensation.. At last some sort of response will see what happens now.. God what a nightmare!!

19.07.17 Anglian have Emailed a lame Apology. I've replied with Photos of the mess they've left me in i wish i could put them on here as well to show what I've had to live with for 11 weeks and i wish i'd taken photos of what state it was left in but i cleared it before taking pics as i just couldn't live with the mess. so far no response from them!! No surprise there really ,if you're going to respond ELLIS please don't say this isn't Anglians usual standard of service i beg to differ.

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