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We needed a fully insulated side-hinged garage door for a garage we converted into a work room. We also needed double glazed windows and a back-door. We chose Anglian as we had used them in the past without problems.

The salesperson was in the garage when it was 2 degrees Celsius and guaranteed he could replace our draughty timber door for something air tight, completely sealed, the windows would be double glazed and energy efficient. The surveyor told us the same. The door cost £2,800 which is what you would pay for a Carteck or Riterna branded fully insulated door.

The installer came 2 1/2 months later and installed a flimsy thin cheap grp door with locks of the lowest quality. A door that's sold by other companies for £860-£1,100.

We told the installer that is not what we ordered. He phoned the salesperson and asked him if he had sold us a fully insulated side-hinged garage door, to which he said yes. The installer told the salesperson Anglian does not sell fully insulated side-hinged garage doors, to which the salesperson said he did not know that.

It has been 3 months since that day and Anglian refuses to deal with it. Every complaint I make is logged by them and the standard response is someone will get back to me.

Also beware that for appearances sake they say you can use a Financial Ombudsman. The reason they do that is because that particular one cannot deal with any problems that arise because it's not purely financial. Anglian should register with the Consumer Ombudsman, but they won't because then complaints would actually be dealt with. So now they make us waste our time trying to find the correct federation to deal with Anglian. Trustmark directed me to the Glass and Glazing Federation. Hopefully they can help!

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I'm very shocked to hear about this. This is not the standard of service we expect to provide. Please email with your full address or order number and we will certainly investigate this further.

Sincere apologies,

Ellis (Customer Care Dept)

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