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I bitterly regret my foolish decision to do business with this outfit.

It's difficult to convey the sheer misery that Anglian has caused me and my family. There is a poor man on an online consumer forum who says he lost his life savings and, also, the will to live as a result of Anglian. I can certainly relate to that. I wanted a conservatory to enhance the lives of myself and my children, not ruin it.
I have spent the last fifteen months fighting a court battle with Anglian and doing virtually little else. Precious time and resources that I can never get back. I just wish I could post the Court papers here, so that visitors to this site could judge for themselves who is telling the truth. My advice is to FILTER the reviews on Trustpilot, starting with lowest first.

One poster describes the company as 'evil'. This is a strong adjective, but, in this case, I'd agree with it. Their tactic seems to be to wear their dissatisfied customers down. Throughout the litigation process, there has been no substantive engagement at all. Having admitted their mistakes on site, they now appear to deny everything. I would described this conduct as harassment.

I have found their in-house solicitor to be extremely rude and hostile and, in my view, to have no regard whatsoever for the guidelines governing the professional conduct of solicitors. She failed to comply with the pre-action protocol and, at one point, made an application for costs against me, incorrectly making representations to the judge that I was seeking to intimidate her due to her transgender status. Rather than deal with the mistakes made by her client, this intimidated female preferred to hire a private detective to investigate me!

Buy a conservatory from Anglian and get a Court case and an assessment by a private detective thrown in for free!

Oh, and this business regularly threatens defamation proceedings to get negative reviews taken down and pays for the privilege, if necessary. A whole thread of negative reviews has just been removed from Hotukdeals.

The worst thing is that this outfit receives taxpayer funding. Not in my name, it doesn't.
All I can say is that, if you value your health and your savings, GO ELSEWHERE. I certainly wish I had.

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