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Learn from my mistake concerning a company called The Local Choice Locksmiths Ltd who are on the web as 'Your Local Locksmiths'.

Having a sticky upvc door lock I decided to find a local company to find and fix the problem. I phoned on 07 Jan what was a local number which I found on the website.I explained my lock problem to the operator making it clear it was not an Emerency call out.

It was arranged that a locksmith would call the same day to price the job. The locksmith 'Ollie' called the same day & confirmed that the lock needed changing & he woould do it for £450 to which I agreed & being a layman having no knowledge of door locking mechanisms costs assumed that a professional working for what I thought was a professional company would not try and cheat me. Ollie removed the mechanism, and went to get a replacement returning within the hour with a replacement telling me the price was less & only £350 + VATwhich I duly paid.

I phoned my House Insurance Company to put in a claim and was told they considered the cost to be too expensive & it should have been in the region of £150 maximum so I couldn't claim. On phoning the complaints line on my invoice the operator pointed out that in their small print on the bottom of their web page it pointed out that jobs carried out the same day as the call would be considered as an emergency call out and would be charged as such. At no time during my initial call were the charges made clear. Also when given the quote by Ollie it was never made clear that this was an emergency call out charge & he could book the job in for later making the cost considerbly cheaper.

It is true that on the companies website in an extremely smaller font than the rest of the page it does state their pricing policy. I do feel their pricing policy should have been pointed out to me both when I phoned (after all I may not have got their number from a website) and by their locksmith before I parted with my cash.

I consider this companies way of trading to be Questionable and would suggest that any person who is considering doing business with both this company or Ollie to be very wary.

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