QSL tenders scam, touch this and sign up for a fight or ££££

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I have edited my report after a complaint from Charlie Daisley of QSL Ltd, Unit 7 The Point, Market Harborough, Leicestershire, LE16 7QU, 01858 468 740 charlie.daisley@qsltenders


Company Director :- David Ian Hosie, NN17 2RN

Company Secretary:- Gordon Hosie LE16 7NY (Director change of Particulars GORDON HOSIE 01/01/2010

Charles Daisley said my claims were unsubstantiated!

I have therefore removed any words that I feel were ambiguous and added websites where other people have found the companies method of creating business less than Ethical! if you only follow one of these then please go to:-

http://qsl-tenders-scam.blogspot.com/,  as this is quite comprehensive

If you are a small business and like all of us feeling the pinch, it looks like a good idea to get free tenders for 4 weeks and see if it works for you!

BEWARE! QSL tenders run an advert that offers just this free for four weeks, however the time you first look for a tender is recorded by QSL the exact time that you start the 4 free weeks (to the minute) you must cancel before this 4 weeks is up or you will be invoiced for the whole year including the first four weeks which are only free if you cancel in time?

The business sends information that is available for free on the internet and although I told them what my business did  the tender info sent was totally irrelevant ?

SO 1 MINUTE AFTER THE DEADLINE I owed them  £595.41 + £103.51 VAT = £695.00  (varies for some reason) with threats to send in the bailiffs as soon as I made contact even though I had written and emailed them... apparently they never got the letter as it was lost in the post, I believe that these people are evil and pray on honest hard working people.

However as most people don't have the time or resources to fight and win the company offer a  reduction in charges to 25% and  I expect most people would see this as the lesser of two evils.

Whilst my "Trial" period ended on the 10th of February 2010 the fight went on for months, They recorded my first log in as at 12.29 on the 13th of January 2010 and although there were only a few  times that I logged on each one was logged to the minute.  My log on was apparently my order confirmation and also my agreement of the T's&C's.

SO  JUST CANCEL ........................... easier said than done! the email that you had in order  to set up the tenders does not accept a cancelation! ( this is from the T's&C's   you miss it you will have to pay).... "We do not accept verbal, written, or email cancellations". you have to write from within your account with them? but usually by the time you have got this far you already owe £695.00, and if you do write ... Mine was LOST IN THE POST ? so I was told that I still owed £695.00,

I had the luxury of time and a terrier attitude that won't let go and set to take them on! I found the business details and directors from 'Companies House for a £ and set forth to contact the directors at home, I contacted their local newspaper and told them what they were up to (making sure I had the name of the reporter Black I think) then Trading standards, OFT etc, whilst calling the directors who would not speak to me on the Phone as I wanted  to ask WHY!

I found that one of the two did a lot of running for charity and made sure I told the charity how he was making his money.

The case number for the OFT is 2755156 agent 'John' who then passed me on to Trading Standards tel. 08454 04 05 06

QSL have loads of bad history, but don't take my word for it go to ...







The list goes on and on

Good luck with your business

Phil Evans

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wish I had read this 30 mins ago..! they have just relieved me of £313.00 to cancel subscription. After I had already cancelled within my free trial.. Only to be told I hadn't. Seriously foul individual on the phone, reminded me that I should have had report to say it was cancelled. AM I A LIER? If I take this up with trading standards would I be entitled to a full refund? Or am I wasting my breath and put it down to a bad experience?

No, you should report them. I have done that along with many other people The more that complain the more chance theese vermin will be looked into. Might even get our money back with a bit of luck

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