Official Business Response for Businesses

At FoulBusiness UK we believe that harnessing the pure, transparent voice of the customer is the most important thing businesses can do to gain and keep the trust of their customers.

Potential customers do research your businesses online before using your services. They become wary and suspicious of constantly positive reviews from unreliable sources. People take greater interest in negative reviews because it shows them what went wrong instead of what went right, which we all assume should happen anyway.

It's only natural for all businesses to receive some bad press now and again, after all, we can't please every single customer. It can be difficult to deal with these customers, especially if they choose to right negative information online about your business. It does, however make real sense to address these customer positively. Simply responding and acknowledging the complaint shows readers you've taken the time to respond the the author.

Most customers won’t write you off based on one negative comment. Many, however, will gain respect for your business if you respond to the comment in a pleasant and helpful way. 

There is a lot of information that can be found online to help your respond the a negative post and we'll provide the tools to help you do just that.

By creating a business account, you can respond as a business instead of as a consumer.

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