FoulBusiness UK for Businesses

FoulBusiness UK reviews appear very highly in search engine results. We do not pay for this but instead, it is because of the way FoulBusiness has been developed. With this in mind, it is important for businesses and their owners to address concerns and complaints. We'll help you do that, please continue reading below.

We understand that it can be difficult to deal with online feedback from disgruntled customers. No business likes to receive negative feedback, especially if it becomes public. At FoulBusiness UK, we firmly believe that responding publicly to all online feedback is the single most important thing you can do to help reassure the author and regain the trust of readers and future customers. We feel it is important for you to highlight misleading information publicly, showing your side of the story and ultimately defending your reputation in a more positive way. 

FoulBusiness UK allows, amongst other options, for businesses to "respond to" and "resolve" a review online with us:

> Responding to a review gives you the opportunity to place your opinions directly onto the review itself. It puts the review in the list of "business response" and we'll edit the review title so people know you have replied. If used correctly, responding to a review can be an extremely powerful tool.

> If you wish to go one further and actually resolve the review with the author, you can get the author to fill this form (after the complaint has been resolved) and we'll have a noticed placed on the review title to let readers know it has been resolved. It'll also appear in this list. Resolving a review shows a genuine dedication to not just the author but also those reading the complaint because it shows you are staying ahead of your complaints in a positive way. 

We're here to help you, so please click one of the following options: 

If you feel that neither responding to or resolving a review on our website is right for your business, you can: 

> Get in touch and talk about your review and we can explore other options.

> File a complaint with ourselves and we'll take a direct approach to your review.

> Check out our Verified Programme for a more immediate and complete resolution. 

>>> FoulBusiness UK does not charge fee's to respond to, "resolve" or remove a review.

If, after exhausting all other options, it may be best to seek legal advice, but be aware that this can be extremely (and often unnecessarily) expensive. We have our own legal team who will more than likely deal with all your legal issues without the need to involve third parties. Get in touch with our business team and request for our legal team to get in touch if you feel this is the next appropriate step.

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