Awful service and not to the standard expected by the price and promises made before contract signed...
In September 2013, Anglian Home Improvements agreed a contract to undertake work for my (elderly - l...
Post date: 14/06/2017 - 15:52
We needed a fully insulated side-hinged garage door for a garage we converted into a work room. We also needed double glazed windo...
STAY AWAY, STAY AWAY, STAY AWAY, Keep as far away as possible from these guys, YOU WILL get hurt if...


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Doubletake Studios

Doubletake Studios finds potential clientele through referral from previous customers. They contacted me stating that a friend of mine had used their service and thoroughly enjoyed it. All they required was a deposit of £2 for a booking for two people and no further cost was required.

Doubletake Studios

Doubletake Studios called me about 4 weeks ago and told me my sister-in-law had given me a free gift to have a makeover and photo shoot so I thought that was nice, so I took it then after a few days after I was at home with my cousin and a call came through and he wanted to book a date then he said he needs a £2.00 booking fee and I got weary because of what my cousin said to me that I must be careful because it may not be free so I said to you are only taking for only this amount and only th

React Fast

On Sat 6th Feb I had a burst water pipe in my kitchen,but having a contract with scottish gas for central heating, plumbing,and drains services I contacted their customer services to book a call out for the same day.I was told that although a call out would be put through, it could not be guaranteed for the same day, therefore in which case it would be Monday morning.Feeling negative about getting the repair done that day, I contacted React Fast Solutions to enquire if they could provide the

Space Kitchens

I had a Space Kitchens Rep come to see me back in February. Since then managed to do some research into prices and costs of kitchens, I do one day want to get it done but no real hurry. Much to my surprise I got another call from them, offering this what was made out to be a once in a life to oppertunity of Feature Home again.

Yes Loans Ltd

Yes loans are awful, I rec'd a call as had been shopping around looking for a loan and they GUARUNTEED me one I was assured that all I had to do was pay a processing fee of 69.50 and the money would be deposited into my bank account within 5 days, when the money didn't arrive I tried to call them first time I got through i was advised that they were a broker not a loan company which is what I was told by them origianlly and they couldn't actually process a loan at all, it has been over 5 mont

Moorcroft Debt Recovery Ltd

This company threaten and threaten and try to pressure you to pay on an account that was in dispute prior to them receiving it. Mine was relating to 02 account.

They send intimidating letters sent by snail class mail threatening court action which if official have to be by first class. As soon as you state that the account is in dispute they say the will look into it and I am to ignore any letters they send for next few weeks.

Greenway Home Improvements Ltd (member of the Conservatory Outlet) deceived my family and left us with a non-energy efficient conservatory and we fear regarding the porch foundations.

My parents have spent over £20,000 to employ, Greenway Home Improvements Ltd to construct a conservatory & porch. Only to discover the conservatory is NOT energy efficient, doubts regarding the roofing system (supplied by Ultrafame) being structurally safe following an incident where the conservatory double glazed glass roof 10’x2’6” panel fell out of the roof frame, bowing down into the conservatory and allowing water to enter.

Fastway couriers (scotland/manchester)

I run a motorcycle parts company in central Scotland, I have used fastway couriers for about 9 months.

All went quite well until October when my usual pickup driver left the company without warning.

The pickups became quite sporadic and unreliable.

At the start of November the Manchester depot took over the running of the central Scotland depot as the original franchise went bust(but didn't tell anyone). At the end of November the Scotland depot closed. 

Fastway Couriers

We have been using Fastway Couriers for about six months and were offered Same Day service as well as the usual Next Day service. When we started using them we were told that their parcels did not go on dimmensional weight and the boxes that we were using were fine.

Fastway Couriers - Nottingham branch

FASTWAY COURIERS RIP OFF!!!!!!!! I have two full books of stamps that are usless and carnt get the money back for !!!!! We are only a small company and carnt afford to lose £300 on this. The company is a JOKE! Very Very angry with being ripped off. Our Nottingham branch told us they were good and cheap.

QSL Tenders review!

I, like many other people I have found on the internet, fallen victim to the QSL Tender scam. Having not cancelled 'via their site ONLY' in the four week period I was sent a bill for the £695.

I proceeded to contact the company and was faced with agression and total lack of professionalism

QSL scam rip off dont go anywhere near them

Unfortunately I am yet another victim of this disgusting company. They are a company that asks you to sign up for a 4 week free trial in order to gain access to tenders that are sent out from councils across the country. The information they sent was useless and not even in my area. But the worst part is this, of you don’t cancel your 4 week trial with them in this 4 week period, they invoice you for £695.00.

QSL tenders scam, touch this and sign up for a fight or ££££

I have edited my report after a complaint from Charlie Daisley of QSL Ltd, Unit 7 The Point, Market Harborough, Leicestershire, LE16 7QU, 01858 468 740 charlie.daisley@qsltenders


Company Director :- David Ian Hosie, NN17 2RN

Company Secretary:- Gordon Hosie LE16 7NY (Director change of Particulars GORDON HOSIE 01/01/2010

Charles Daisley said my claims were unsubstantiated!

Browns Restaurant/Brasserie and Bar in Covent Garden

A while ago I was employed by Mitchells and Butlers to work in a chain of their Browns Restaurant in Covent Garden.

I was happy about getting the position. I was working in central London, Browns has an upmarket appearance and the staff were charismatic and well trained. 

After a couple of months it became apparent that this was the WORST job I have ever had.

IGO4 - Insurance group

Unbelievable... Not so long ago, I set about renewing a policy which had lapsed with IGO4 for my home contents insurance. The policy had lapsed and I was told on the phone it would therefore have to be a new policy, which, i thought fine, yeah, no problem.


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