Do not be fooled by this company. They claim to be working on behalf of trusted brands like Abellio...
They sent a locksmith (Chris C. from Romania) to replace a simple suffolk latch on a wooden garden g...
Post date: 14/06/2017 - 15:52
We needed a fully insulated side-hinged garage door for a garage we converted into a work room. We also needed double glazed windo...
The people who run these Companies Gary and Carla TRAPPETT will appropriate your deposit under no c...


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Foreign Car Spares Birmingham

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! Got my part it was completely rusted through, took 3 days on and off the phone to get them to pick up the part I had and send me a new one.

Daily Poppins Cleaners review

I've been using this cleaning company for around 6 months (oxford franchise) and not had any issues about their cleaning or demeanor - the staff have always been very polite and friendly and the cleaning top notch. However they recently broke an expensive item and despite initially saying they would replace it, after finding out exactly how much it cost they've gone oddly quiet.

Tesco Extra - Southport

One moody so n so who works there today! Brown hair n beard.... wouldn't give me my ordered product for one reason, the account was not my account from which I ordered my new LCD! Obviously didn't matter that I had my name on the bottom of the order, with my own ID and also had the credit card which the payment was taken. Obviously, I did not buy this TV! Took 10 minutes for him to turn around and be like, OK, you can take it now!

Tempur Mattress - Bad bed business

I have purchased three Tempur mattresses over the last 7 years. The last one was five years ago size 5ftX6`6 a present for my daughter when she moved into her new house.

My daughter soon after remarked that her mattress was not like mine, it had become soft and not so supportive.

Web Design Office Group, Digital World Centre, Salford

I have all the correspondence, and am happy for anyone to request a viewing of it to corroborate these statements:

On 29 November 2011, I made contact with Chris M, Project Manager, The Web Design Office, Digital World Centre, Salford, M50 3UB, and requested information about his web design practice.

Able Glaze UK

Some friends broke a window in my house when I was away. They thought they were doing the decent thing by calling an emergency glazier and fixing it before I returned. Unfortunately for me and them they called Able Glaze.

24/7 Cashline

These guys contacted me recently offering me a £1400 loan over a 24month period repaying £75 per month. As I was in some financial difficulties at the time I took them up on their offer. Everything was in place but they firstly requested £75 for first month before loan could be transferred.

Daily Poppins, Reading

Thoroughly disappointed with the one off clean we received. We had 2 cleaners for total of 4 hours to clean a vacant unfurnished one bed property. Wooden floor in lounge filthy, kitchen and wardrobe cupboards looked like they had not even been touched. Save yourself the time and money and clean yourself! £92 not at all well spent. Company would not give refund towards it and were unable to rectify problem before tenants moved in.

Anglian Home Improvements (Anglian Windows Limited)

Never ever buy Anglian products...

I had never experienced plastic windows before, with regards to, how they promoted goods, the installation, results of fitting, and performance.

The issues I found are so many, the problems created by these windows can only be reversed by ripping them out and getting superior windows put in. 

Where to start...

QSL Ltd (QSL Tenders)

Unfortunately I am yet another victim of this disgusting company. They are a company that asks you to sign up for a 4 week free trial in order to gain access to tenders that are sent out from councils across the country. The information they sent was useless and not even in my area. But the worst part is this, of you don’t cancel your 4 week trial with them in this 4 week period, they invoice you for £695.00.

Moorcroft Debt Recovery Ltd

This company threaten and threaten and try to pressure you to pay on an account that was in dispute prior to them receiving it. Mine was relating to 02 account.

They send intimidating letters sent by snail class mail threatening court action which if official have to be by first class. As soon as you state that the account is in dispute they say the will look into it and I am to ignore any letters they send for next few weeks.

DFS - Solihull

My husband and I are both pensioners and were excited to think that we would be buying at last a beautiful Leather Suite with the chairs being electric recliners. 

John H Cranmer & Co (properties) - business review

My partner and her brother used this Company for renting out a property.

They experienced missed payments on the rental that they had to chase; this was put down to admin error but when it happened again it that became a concern.

They also asked that should any work be needed to be done that we were informed first, this didn’t happen and bills for maintenance arrived and had to be questioned.

Trinity Estates

They have been managing our estate for 3 years. We are an apartment block of 12 flats on a new build estate and we are paying over £100 a month for a very poor service. I have gone through the budget breakdown with a fine tooth comb and we are paying about £300 a year too much for our service charge and after the joke of a service we received last year, some residents are seeking legal advice and are now withholding payment.

Ligo Electronics

I was starting a small business and needed a business phone and a cordless headset. After searching the internet I came across Ligo-electronics who appeared to be offering just what I needed. I ordered a phone and a headset as a package for £204.99 and paid for express delivery. Over a week later the order had not arrived.


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