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Special Building Projects - Builders to avoid at all costs!

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Special building Projects

Avoid this building company at all costs. In our experience we have found they take money for jobs that they don't finish and their work is very poor. On the whole we have found them to be very unreliable and not trustworthy. Michael Woolner presented himself and the company very well initially but unfortunately this is just a show. We have found them to be unqualified tradesmen and unfortunately more like poor laborers.

Manor Lodge Food - Chris Lodge - CON

Business name: 
Manor Lodge Food

In January 2014 the above company's delivery van reversed into my car while it was parked up. The delivery driver came straight to my office and told our receptionist what had happened. He was very apologetic and said he wanted to sort it out without going through the insurance. I was more than happy to do this as they were meant to be a reputable company.

Anglian Home Improvements - rooftrim. Terrible experience.

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Anglian Home Improvements

In September 2013, Anglian Home Improvements agreed a contract to undertake work for my (elderly - late 70s) parents' rooftrim - gutters, downspouts etc. This was due to start on 17 December 2013, to be completed in good time for Christmas. Unfortunately, the scaffolding had apparently not been arranged (!), was not there when the workmen arrived on 17 December and they could not, therefore, complete the work. Indeed, it was never even started. 

The Sheriffs Office are not authorised to collect debts.

Business name: 
The Sherriffs Office

The Sheriffs Office, Airport Way Croydon, the people on the TV, (The Sheriffs Are Coming), are trading ILLEGALLY, the firm is not supported by the courts as consumers are led to believe, they do not hold a current CCL licence, it was withdrawn in 2011, appealed and refused. This firm cannot collect debts, on behalf of the courts.


Suregold Limited - Lego Lovers Beware

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I ordered one Lego set #10196 from Suregold Limited for $650.00 USD. Anthony Douglas told me they would ship this set immediately upon receiving the money. After they received the money I was then informed by Anthony the terms had changed and I would have to buy another set @ $650.00 USD and, to send this money immediately, in order to have anything sent. I did not want 2 sets so I asked for a refund. They will not refund my money nor send me the set.

Able Group

Business name: 
Able Group

I had to call on the Able Group because it was a Sunday and my bedroom window would not shut, a mechanism had snapped and the window tilted in a strange angle thus allowing me no ability to shut it. I contacted them and was quoted a price of £98+vat = £117.60 total. I agreed for them to send out a locksmith to get this problem sorted so that i could shut the window and lock it.

Space Kitchens - well bob

Business name: 
Space Kitchens

well when bob arrived,bob with no surname or business card,to talk about a no obligation kitchen,he when on for hours about the no obligated kitchen but soon found out he just needed us to sign that night to get the special deal,we did not want or ask for......4hours later we sent him on his way empty handed..i strongly suggest that people ring up for a consultation and make these con men work hours for nothing...i have a smile on my face as im typing this.....revenge is sweet.....

Greenway Home Improvements misleading their customers once again, the Advertising Standards Authority involved, again !!!!

Business name: 
Greenway Home Improvements Ltd

To highlight what kind of business Greenway Home Improvements (t/a Greenway) are, I am providing the public with the following information:-

Some months ago a member of the public made an official complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) following information they saw on the internet that contradicted Greenway’s advertising.

Anglian Windows fail to deliver windows

Business name: 
Anglian Home Improvements

Worst company dealt with.  Have failed to deliver windows to committed deadline leaving me with holes in new extension.  Been chasing for two weeks with more than 20 calls and no response or commitment.  Currently having to send builders home at my expense, pay a weekly scaffolding rental and have higher gas bill as no further work can be done until windows fitted costing me almost £1000 a week.  

Drainage, Drainage, Drainage Ltd!

Business name: 
Drainage Drainage Drainage Ltd

In March of this year (2013) I purchased over £700 pounds worth of drainage materials from this company.

I ran in to problems immediately with delivery of the goods being delayed. When the materials were finally delivered they were not delivered according to schedule so no one was available to receive the delivery. Instead of taking the goods away and arranging a new delivery time the materials were left on the pavement of a busy street in Twickenham blocking the pavement.

Anglian Home Improvements - Very Poor Service

Business name: 
Anglian Home Improvements

I have never written on any forum before, but my experience with Anglian has totally frustrated me.

I decided to use Anglian Home improvements for replacement of my windows on my 4 bedroom detached house. I also had a replacement 3 replacement doors and a sliding conservatory door, so this is quite a nice sized order.

Conservatory Outlet's Customer Testimonials found to be false

Business name: 
Conservatory Outlet Ltd

Conservatory Outlet Ltd The Cutting Room, Thorns Lane Wharf, Wakefield, West Yorkshire. WF1 5RL. http://www.conservatoryoutlet.co.uk/

The Advertising Standards Authority ruling on a complaint against Conservatory Outlet & their dealers:-



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I would recommend you stay away from this company - paid a deposit to secure a car vx57FOD advertised at 20,000 miles, the dealer said its definetely under 21,000 miles because he has being using it personally and didnt want it to go over the 21 as it would reduce the value slightly (via phone call) - I paid a £200 deposit and the finance company rang him for the details of the car, upon further inspection the finance company rejected them as a dealer because they didnt meet their criteria (i


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