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liars - Foreign Car Spares

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Foreign Car Spares

I had an email via 1st choice from this company offering a petrol tank for £40 plus £10 vat plus £10 p & p. I rang them on sat and was told delivery would be wed to which I said I would try and get one locally so this guy dave said he coild do it for Tuesday. Tuesday came with no part. my parents had to ring and was told it was 3 day delivery and would be there wed or Thurs and no dave worked there.

100% Unreliable - Daily Poppins review

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Daily Poppins

Booked a 4 hour house clean and Daily Poppins didn't bother to show up.  No call received with any explanation and no response to my phone message and email! Unbelievably poor service - will definitely not recommend them to anyone.

Biggest joke is when they email you to try and get your business part of their blurb reads "100% reliability - we work to ensure that the Daily Poppins team complete every service you have booked"

Two night getaway rip off - gift ideas for two (RESPONSE RECEIVED)

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gift ideas for two

Was brought a gift for a two night getaway as a wedding present.

the box clearly states £199 so you would expect £199 worth of a getaway, but no the two night getaways actually cost less, the rest of the cost is for their third party charges between the company and the hotels.

RIP off Evans Halshaw and Vauxhall

Business name: 
Evans Halshaw

Utterly disgusted with this firm. Booked my car in to them for what they said a FREE tech inspection. I arrived on time not looking forward to a 2 hour wait handed over my keys and straight away they wanted money. I refused and repeated what I was told by their branch receptionist, then they said I was mistaken (calling me stupid)then I was told I was misinformed and had to pay up I refused and left.

Dukes Gifts made a mug out of me!!

Business name: 
Dukes gifts

I was contacted by Ricky Tubby of Dukes Gifts, via Twitter, in May, asking if we would be interested in a special price of £24.99 for 10 personalised mugs for my company.

I thought that would be a great idea & duly sent him the design I wanted & the money.

I waited patiently & after a month, e-mailed Mr Tubby to find out when the mugs would arrive..............he said they'd been sent & offered to send out another set, as they hadn't arrived. 

No-service, No Goods, No reply. UK Wholesale - DJ2GO Ltd

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UK Wholesale - DJ2GO Ltd

After almost two weeks, the product ordered and paid for on the UK Wholesale website has not been received. The telephone number is not answered. An e-mail has not been answered. This seems to reflect the experience of others. It remains to be seen whether we will get our money back or get the product that we ordered.

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY - UKwholesale.info

Business name: 
UK Wholesale - DJ2GO Ltd

i ordered some items which were required for a project with a fixed completion date. The items were shown as in stock and available for immediate dispatch.

All documentation via email showed good promise but it wasn't until i logged on to my account to check progress that alarm bells began to ring... my delivery status was showing as completed!

Conveyancing Direct Solicitors Glagsow: Avoid at all costs. Unprofessional, appauling customer service, rude and abusive staff and senior partners.

Business name: 
Conveyancing Direct Solicitors Glagsow

A member of staff at Conveyancing Direct Glasgow uses the residents car park within my complex, she took it upon herself to be abusive to myself and a witness regarding where we had parked (in our own car park) 

The lady in question then became extremely aggressive, shouting and swearing with vile vernacular -  verbatim 'don't give two shits' is just a small exert from the conversation.


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gift ideas for two

having received a £50 gift voucher at Christmas we proceeded to register and receive our usable £50 voucher, after the traumatic experience of finally obtaining the voucher you then try and book a theatre ticket on limited days of the week at a limited number of theatres. You find one, Wicked ! no literally Wicked in Londons Apollo, Victoria. you go on line and try to book the tickets but you can't, the seats you want are £33.00 each...


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