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DJ2GO Ltd - 34 Days since payment and still no goods.

Business name: 
UK Wholesale - DJ2GO Ltd

I have rang and emailed numerous times with no reply or success.

Today I sent this email -


We have not received this order.

If I dont hear from you within 24 hours then I will contact my bank to cancel the payment.


this would lead to further charges, I Suggest you refer to the T&C's


Ecomotive Cleandrive - Fuel consumption reducing miracle additive is actually a laughable SCAM product

Business name: 
Ecomotive Cleandrive

I used this product, smelt like a tin of paint remover sold at a pricey £14.99 gave it a go on my Renault Clio and it worked wonders for the first 3 days, then the problems, black plumes of smoke out the exhaust and there were no issues with my car prior to its usage. Overpriced baloney. Would not recommend to friends or family. It simply doesn't do what it says on the tin.

Daily Poppins - Worst Service and Administation

Business name: 
Daily Poppins

Never ever get engaged with these people, horrible service and worst is the admin, who would not even help you and rather say you (customer) is wrong.

I asked them for 2 days for trail and if we are satisfied, we will continue and if not, we will discontinue.

I paid for 2 trails days, however, I was not happy with service. I informed Daily Poppins to discontinue the service.

They are now saying, I need to pay 25 GBP as admin fee for not using the service.

phew - goods received

Business name: 
UK Wholesale - DJ2GO Ltd

I was worried after placing an order and then finding the reviews here, but I can report that my delivery has arrived after 21 days, delivered by DPD, just in time for an event. Packaging was bad and they didn't answer email or phone but at least I have the goods.

Misleading advertising.

Business name: 
gift ideas for two

We received a Restaurant Dining for Two gift from our son and his wife, and eagerly logged on to find out where we could enjoy our meal. The box clearly stated that we would have a choice of over 100 locations, but in fact there were only 63!! The only ones within a reasonable distance, wer establishments that we had visited before and had not had a particularly good meal.
Luckily we found one close to a relative we were visiting 250 miles away in Kent.

Able Group - rude, inconsiderate, unhelpful, ineffctive

Business name: 
Able Group

Tread v carefully. Evidence of wasps nest in bedroom roof/loft vicinity. Rang Able and quoted £100 plus VAT (not cheap) payable up front. 'Expert' arrived and went into loft. Pointed out where I'd seen wasps, he said he could see nothing. He then listened and said he could hear nothing. We went outside & looked at where they could get in (remember I am not a pest control expert). He looked up and said perhaps nest is dead.

Items not what ordered, support non existant

Business name: 
UK Wholesale (DJ2GO)

Ordered a mixed box of 20 clearance items. 2 months later received a packet containing one item and a different order number. Thinking it was a mistake I tried to email them only to get an automated response of 'Direct customer emails are not answered', the phone number on their website is 'never' answered and has a premium cost attached to it.

The summary of this place is.:

DO NOT USE THEM - Foreign Car Spares Birmingham

Business name: 
Foreign Car Spares

Promised they sent out part, but surprise, surprise it never arrived, despite many phone calls and promises they even gave me a bogus tracking number to prevent issuing a refund, The famous Dave said I had 'trust issues' with them - yes, I don't trust a word that comes out of their mouths. I reported them to 1st Choice - and a refund was issued the same day (even though Dave they said couldn't refund as parts were on their way)!

A dreadful company

(RESOLVED) CyberpowerPC Nightmare

Business name: 

I bought a computer from CyberpowerPC earlier this year. It was very expensive too. Unfortunately, it arrived in defective condition. It crashes rather often with blue screen errors like critical_process_died and kernel_data_inpage_error. After three returns for repair, they failed to fix the original problem. Not only that, but they created new problems each time! They do not properly test systems!


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