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Able Group - Worst service ever for rat treatment

Business name: 
Able Group

I contacted this company to treat rats in my garden. they charged me £150 for two visits. the first visit they put some baits and left. after a week they came back and although food was eaten the technician said, it is ok! no worry. he did not even bother to look for new activities of rats. he collected the bait boxes and left. After he left i looked for activities and found just 1 meter away there was a new hole!!!

Keep Well Clear - Carwise Stourbridge

Business name: 
Carwise UK

Do not go anywhere near Carwise Stourbridge!!!!!. They are nothing but criminals who will do anything and say anything to get you to part with your money. They were in court last week and forced to pay back £15'000 for a car that was sold not fit for purpose and will do the same again and again as they have no scruples, sift through all of the reviews to see what they are capable of. No carbon receipts are kept for sales, their ill gotten gains go straight in their back pockets.

Rip off solicitors - Harvey Copping & Harrison

Business name: 
Harvey Copping & Harrison

Harvey Copping & Harrison, based in Wickford, South Woodham and Canvey, an appalling company.

In order to tell you what they have done wrong would take hours, maybe even days, it will be much quicker to tell you what they have done right... Nothing!
They can't even do simple maths, according to them 76 - 4 = 74 and when you question them about their mistakes, they simply shrug it off and refuse to accept anything is wrong.

BARCLAY'S BANK has ripped us off with a Bank charge of £3,300 and refuse to give it back...

Business name: 
Barclays Bank

I was wondering if you could assist on a matter of a bank levying a bank charge on us on an astronomically level, to the tune of £3,300. Maybe this would also be an interesting story as an example of bank charges gone mad? To explain, Barclays have rejected my complaint, but I think the facts speak for themselves and remain in shock that Barclays still think they have a case to defend.

A BUNCH OF CROOKS - Foreign Car Spares

Business name: 
Foreign Car Spares

This business is foul .Sent me dilapidated part all rusty & broken which in fact was totally wrong anyway.
When asked for a refund was lied to on 3 separate occasions over a course of 2 weeks never did get it.
Only resolved the matter by referring them to the card provider who in turn will take their own action
and refunded the money themselves.

(Daily Poppins / Swindon) Avoid at all costs - very poor service and very poor communication

Business name: 
Daily Poppins

We engaged with Agnes who came to our home and seemed very personable. We agreed a 2.5 hours per week visit.

We were not present for the first clean of our home which was adequate, nothing to write home about, with the few ornaments around the house misplaced, bed made with no attention to detail and cooker job smeared and dirty.

Anglian Home Improvements - 0% customer service.

Business name: 
Anglian Home Improvements

In March we decided we needed a new front door as ours was not very secure. As we had used Anglia Windows in the past we decided to call you for a quote.

The salesman came to our house and we agreed on a door and new kitchen window. We paid £350 deposit that day and were told it would be installed within 8 weeks. A week later the surveyor came and measured up and we believe all was on track.

Order not received DJ2GO Ltd

Business name: 
UK Wholesale - DJ2GO Ltd

I placed an online order with the above company on 11th April 2016. Payment was taken from my MasterCard and I have STILL not received my goods! I have telephoned them on the number shown on my invoice which was emailed to me. Phone number is 08723 883881. A answer machine states that the number is temporarily unavailable! I also emailed them on the address shown on the invoice - no response. I suggest people steer clear of this company!

Ripped off £150 by Justine from Daily Poppins Reading!

Business name: 
Daily Poppins

As the title says I was ripped off for £150 by them doing the "5 hour cleaning" when in fact it is 1 hour 40mins for 3 people (this was not made clear). Nothing was done acceptably, a complete and utter waste of money. I needed my flat cleaned for putting on the market to sell. My poor mother had to work for hours and hours to get the flat ready to our timeline...so they left me in the s*** basically.


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