Unfortunately I am yet another victim of this disgusting company. They are a company that asks you t...
I posted the parts I required on 1st choice car spares and this company rang me within 10 minutes of...
Post date: 14/06/2017 - 15:52
We needed a fully insulated side-hinged garage door for a garage we converted into a work room. We also needed double glazed windo...
I searched for a tailgate micro switch for a Nissan Micra via 1st Choice. First to call was this com...


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Anglian Home Lied About Product Sold

We needed a fully insulated side-hinged garage door for a garage we converted into a work room. We also needed double glazed windows and a back-door. We chose Anglian as we had used them in the past without problems.

Anglian Home Improvements - A lesson on how not to deliver customer service or quality products

After a long and lengthy battle with Anglian Home Improvements I have decided to write this review, not to complain, but to explain to other potential customers the experience they should expect when dealing with Anglian Home Improvements. Included is a diary of events (facts) that occurred following the installation of our conservatory. It is then for you to decide if this is acceptable when making your purchasing decision.

Keys4U Locksmiths - Refundable deposit never refunded

They sent a locksmith (Chris C. from Romania) to replace a simple suffolk latch on a wooden garden gate (south London). He came late, had a look, tried to persuade me to get some other lock even though I clearly told him what I wanted. I even showed him photos on my phone. It turned out he had never done this type of lock before and said he had to order the lock and come back later.

Smoke and Mirrors - Able Group

Smoke and Mirrors . I returned back from my holiday on a Saturday morning (4th March)to find out that my boiler wasn't working. As i couldn't get a local Plumber, I went on-line using Google to find an emergency call out company. ABLE Group came up, 'No call out charge' - 'Fast Response' - 'Free quotes'.

Run a mile and keep going - Anglian Windows

I bitterly regret my foolish decision to do business with this outfit.

Con artists and rude - Able Group

They did not turn up till 6hours post the agreed time and nor did they call to inform me. They took my card details over the phone (they say to confirm the booking) however it later transpires the real reason for this is so they can charge you what they like without quoting and agreeing a fee with you. I specified I want a quote (as stated on their website) all I got was a bill for £400.

Useless, it's a ripoff - ABLE GROUP

Asked to repair a broken door handle. I wasn't sure about the extent of the damage to the door and lock mechanism -- quoted between about £100-250 on the phone depending on what needed to be replaced (handle only vs. full mechanism) -- fair enough so far. Locksmith arrived, took about 5 minutes to replace handle, fortunately no other repair needed.

Able Group, The very Unable EVER. I would never use them again. Very poor communication and dishonest, took my money and did not deliver any service

I asked Able_group to send someone to control moth in my flat in London on 17/9/16. They charged me £180.00 upfront, they sent someone that stayed in the flat for 15 minutes, sprayed two areas in spite of my friend who let him in telling him that the moth was all over the flat.

Don't not use !! Foreign Car Spares

I posted the parts I required on 1st choice car spares and this company rang me within 10 minutes of posting to say they had the parts I required. I advised that they were for my partners car and he would ring and pay for the parts and arrange delivery. My partner rang and paid for the parts within the hour on the 12th of October. He was advised the parts would be here with 3 to 4 days. We ordered a Honda Civic passenger side door and passenger side skirt.


I searched for a tailgate micro switch for a Nissan Micra via 1st Choice. First to call was this company. I was quoted £42 for the part and given the assurance that they would send me confirmation through the 1st Choice interface. Then I received several calls for clarification asking whether it was the outside handle or the internal part. I sent them a photo of my tail gate. The merchandise arrived a day later and it was a silver handle/lock to the tailgate with rust.

Able Group - Worst service ever for rat treatment

I contacted this company to treat rats in my garden. they charged me £150 for two visits. the first visit they put some baits and left. after a week they came back and although food was eaten the technician said, it is ok! no worry. he did not even bother to look for new activities of rats. he collected the bait boxes and left. After he left i looked for activities and found just 1 meter away there was a new hole!!!

Rip off solicitors - Harvey Copping & Harrison

Harvey Copping & Harrison, based in Wickford, South Woodham and Canvey, an appalling company.

In order to tell you what they have done wrong would take hours, maybe even days, it will be much quicker to tell you what they have done right... Nothing!
They can't even do simple maths, according to them 76 - 4 = 74 and when you question them about their mistakes, they simply shrug it off and refuse to accept anything is wrong.

No answer on supplied Contact Details - DJ2GO Limited

I ordered 5 Litres of smoke machine oil from this supplier and only got 1 Litre. Tried calling them 4 times holding on being told I am number 2 in the que just to be cut off at the end. This number charges 10p pm and I was holding on for almost 15 mins a time.

Utter Incompetence - DO NOT HIRE ABLE GROUP

My tenants reported a leak in the sitting room ceiling so I called Able Group to identify and address the leak.

Able Group sent a 'plumber' round to address a leak in the bathroom. They charged £72 for 30 minute visit but were actually on site for just 10 minutes.

BARCLAY'S BANK has ripped us off with a Bank charge of £3,300 and refuse to give it back...

I was wondering if you could assist on a matter of a bank levying a bank charge on us on an astronomically level, to the tune of £3,300. Maybe this would also be an interesting story as an example of bank charges gone mad? To explain, Barclays have rejected my complaint, but I think the facts speak for themselves and remain in shock that Barclays still think they have a case to defend.


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