Frequently asked questions (for consumers)

How do I write a review?

To write a review click here. You cannot post anonymous reviews.

Can I list names of people in my review?

Yes, you can mention the names of people associated with your complaint but don't threaten or insult them. Be aware that we may remove names if that person gets in touch with us with a suitable reason for it to be removed.

Can I be sued for what I write on FoulBusiness UK?

You cannot be sued for anything you write online if that information is true, regardless of how negative it may be. If you choose to write false information about anyone or anything online, not only is this against our own policies, but you must be aware that the business or the person can sue for defamation. Businesses may choose to take action against both FoulBusiness UK and yourselves. You can contact our legal team for help if required.

Can I comment on my own review?

You can comment on all reviews on our site, including your own. This can be done using your account or using your name and email address on the comment form. You'll be informed by email when new replies or comments are written to keep you up to date with new information on the review.

Can I update a review I've published?

Updating a review refers to adding more information to the review and leaving everything else original. In most cases, we'll let you update your review. If we don't allow you to update the review, use the comments section to post updates. If you request to update your review, its is solely down to the moderator that got your request as to whether you can update the review. To update a review with more information get in touch with our help team. You can not update reviews if the business has wrote an "official business response".

Can I edit my review?

Editing a review refers to adding, removing and altering your review in order to change the meaning or effect. You may be able to edit, or change certain certain aspects of your own review but this can't be done online automatically. Get in touch with our help team who may grant you permission to alter your review. You can not edit reviews if the business has wrote an "official business response".

Can I remove my review?

You can remove your own reviews but this should only be done at your own wish. If the business is trying to force you to remove a review, please get in touch with us. Removing a review because of a threat of legal action against yourself is not the best way to handle the issue. If you feel strongly about your review but have received legal letters or threats of legal action, please get in touch with us and bear in mind that in most cases, you won't be sued for expressing your opinion on our site. To remove a review, get in touch with our help team.

The business has rectified my complaint.

If a business has resolved your complaint, we can alter the review title so others know the review has been satisfied with yourselves. Click here for more help.

What's an "Official Business Response"?

An official business response is an authorized response to your review made by a business representative. We allow businesses to show their side of the story directly onto your review. This is to be fair and gives the business a chance to express their own thoughts. Once published, this can't be removed.

Can I respond to an "Official Business Response"?

You cannot respond directly to the business response but you can use the comments section on your review to further express your opinions.

Do FoulBusiness UK remove reviews?

Our attitude towards removing reviews is based on that particular reviews' legal status. If a review has no reason to be defamatory it is unlikely that we will remove it. Other cases of review removal are incorrect author contact information. When businesses get in touch to voice their concerns, we may remove a review if a member of our team deems it satisfactory to remove it. Note that our moderators can remove reviews, at any time for any reason without explanation.

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