Stay on top of your reviews with FoulBusiness UK Verified

FoulBusiness UK Verified is a programme for all businesses - both those reviewed on FoulBusiness, and those not - to improve, repair and maintain their reputation with their customers via FoulBusiness UK by making a dedication to resolve them in return for review removal.


FoulBusiness UK reviews appear highly in search engines, increasing the chance of someone reading a negative review about your business on FoulBusiness UK. By joining the FoulBusiness UK Verified programme, businesses can opt to have their review removed from FoulBusiness UK and search engines. If your business does not have a review on FoulBusiness UK, you can prevent reviews being published in the future.

There is single commitment you must make when you join the programme:

Should a complaint be written about your businesses on FoulBusiness UK, you must, within an acceptable time frame, contact the author, resolve the complaint and come to an amicable agreement with the customer to make things right again.

By doing this, your customers stay happy, negative posts aren’t published on FoulBusiness UK and you can stay on top of maintaining your reputation in a positive way.

Ultimately, if your customer and FoulBusiness UK are happy you have resolved a complaint, we'll have it removed

FoulBusiness UK understands "hard to deal with" customers and will always take this into account when dealing with the Verified Process.

The idea of the programme, if you haven't already got a review on our site, is to ensure that you always have the option to solve your complaints before others need to know of a negative experience. Customers are reassured when you are willing to solve complaints and false or misleading information is filtered and taken offline. It’s just simply not fair to have a review online when the customer who wrote it hasn’t given you a chance, or refuses to let you make things right with them. Businesses that join the programme are genuine, honest companies and tradespeople that want to stay ahead of their competition by working with their customers to ensure a future-proof reputation.

> ​Sign up takes less than an hour (and reviews can be removed within that time)

> Step 1: Fill in the form below and we'll send over more information.

> Step 2: After sign up, we'll contact the author and explain what has happened to their review.

> Step 3: If they are happy to work with us, we'll ask them for an acceptable offer of amends, (refund etc). If they are not willing to work with us, it'll be our decision whether or not to remove review or put it back online.

> Step 4: You also accept that offer, fulfill the request, and the review remains offline. You and your customer are happy. If you don't accept the offer, we'll inform the author and work with them to suggest something you feel would be more appropriate.

> Step 5: Future reviews are not published until you've had the chance to resolve them like above.


>>> Is it at the sole discretion of FoulBusiness UK to approve your request to join the programme. Our decision is final and can't be overturned. If you are refused onto the programme, you'll be informed within 3 working days and told how to proceed.

> ​Sign up takes less than an hour (and reviews can be removed within that time)

Fill in the form below and we'll let you know how we can proceed...

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