Our commitment

By using and visiting FoulBusiness UK we want you to understand the following commitments and principles which aims to highlight what FoulBusiness UK is about.
It is imperative to note, that in any single circumstance, FoulBusiness UK will not keep negative content online with the sole intention to disrupt any companies' reputation in a malicious way.
We are here to:
> Highlight businesses that have ripped consumers off or treated them badly - even just once
> Give consumers the power to use a basic human right - free speech
> Give consumers a platform to express opinions with others - publicly
> Give businesses a voice to express their opinions on their review - without censorship
> Remove false reviews and follow all appropriate UK laws
> Highlight reviews which have been resolved or responded to by the business
We are not here to:
> Harm the reputation of any business in a malicious way
> Give consumers the ability to post anonymously in order to tarnish a business - but will respect privacy
> Censor the opinions of consumers or businesses by editing reviews
> Make money by charging to remove negative content - this is akin to extortion
By following these commitments, we can assure you that FoulBusiness UK will:
> Provide free email based support for consumers and business within 48hours
> Remove false reviews if it is proven to be defamatory
> Remove reviews if we can not verify the content or the author
> Treat businesses just like we treat consumers - be fair, respectful and understanding
We hope that you can also abide by these principles when using our services.
Consumers > Review a business to highlight rogue traders
Businesses > Respond and show you're not a rogue trader

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