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Avoid this building company at all costs. In our experience we have found they take money for jobs that they don't finish and their work is very poor. On the whole we have found them to be very unreliable and not trustworthy. Michael Woolner presented himself and the company very well initially but unfortunately this is just a show. We have found them to be unqualified tradesmen and unfortunately more like poor laborers. Would never use this company again and feel very sorry for anyone who gets involved with them.

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We unfortunately also fell foul to these awful builders, so very sad as we really felt we had found someone we could trust, feel very hurt by it all. Luckily we paid in staged payments and only lost a little and could thankfully afford to have the work complete. I believe in karma and they will come unstuck.

Sorry to hear you have experienced issues witth hese builders also - we are in the process of taking them to court - if you think it would be useful for us all to share experience or get together to follow up with court action drop me an email.

We have also fallen foul of Special Building Projects and are currently in the process of taking them to court - they appear genuine but are anything but. Their work is not only shoddy but dangerous and could have injured, or worse, my young family. Avoid at ALL COSTS.

Hi, we used SBP in 2011/2012 and the 6 week project took months with lots of delays, excuses and poor quality work. They are an offshoot of Omega Lifestyle. We finally got BC to sign off but had the advantage of a 5% staged payment for 3 months after completion (ie when BC signed off)

Be aware this may not be all it seems. I emailed but heard nothing. Is this SBP trying to get our emails?

Sorry no it is real from me at least. I've not replied to those who emailed me as we're off to court against them next week and been so busy getting all paper work etc done. My apologies.

I can also confirm it is real as I have spoken to the program makers also - Emily let us know how it goes. Best of luck.


Hello anyone still following this
We went to court last week and SBP failed to turn up, surprise surprise. We had the court rule in our favour and are now waiting for SBP to pay up....I have a feeling this is just the start of a new battle.

I can not believe they are still getting away with this! We commissioned them in 2009, took them over six months to do a bit of block paving and a small amount of patio, most of which we ripped up and laid again!


We have had many problems with SBP and are looking to go the legal route. Has any one on the post had any success.

Also had problems with this company and cannot believe the comments I have found on here. wish I had found these before I got involved with this company and Omega lifestyle who were the company who put SBP on to our work!

Did anyone have any luck taking this scummy buggers to court? No doubt they will have se up another company under another name to continue to rip decent people off. They have no morals these scumbags.

We have court bailiffs after them since being awarded money after taking them to court. We're hopefully getting somewhere. They cannot fold the business due to us having successfully taken them to court - I believe they have to settle with us first.

Just got out in time. Thanks to this blog. Relieved I can't tell you.

Glad to hear no one else has fallen foul to these scum!! Hope you find someone reliable to do the work you wanted

Ditto. Glad you got out. We're the poor buggers who bothered to take them to court and looks like they're going to wangle out of paying us anything as they've declared themselves bankrupt and bailiffs can't pinpoint anything to the company. Why the law protects these scumbags is beyond me.

We were looking to go the legal route as they are refusing to pay back deposits for incomplete and work not completed to standards! Kind of guessed they would be scummy enough to wrangle out of paying anything! Wish to god we had never got involved with Omega Lifestyle and through them these scum!

I will be 70 years of age in April. In 2014 I employed this company to build an orangery extension to the back my house, along with transforming the old kitchen into a utility area and cloakroom. Michael Woolner advised that the work would be completed in 6-8 weeks which I was happy about as I was due to have a kidney operation. However, to date the work remains incomplete and the builders have ceased visiting my home. The orangery roof, in particular, is substandard and I have been advised by several companies that the roof will need to be redone. (First of the quotes to be received is in the sum of £3,312.) It would be appreciated if anyone could advise if they managed to succeed in receiving claim monies from this company which was awarded to them by the courts.

I have ha a building go completely wrong by this omega lifestyles
no money to finish
Avoid using and company related to these people

I am in the process of going to court because of the quality of work these people have done, nightmare company. Have reported them to trading standards as well. You should call citizens advice and report them, the more people that report them the more likely they are to take action!

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