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Long story short.

I bough pair of trainers 2 weeks ago (52£ including delivery). Finally received parcel...with wrong shoes.
From past 2 weeks trying to get correct item posted to me or refund, but no luck.
They refused to give me money back and offered to give me 10 Euro insted and I can keep wrong shoes , so I can sell it myself (like I have nothing better to do than selling their shoes).
Now I'm over 50£ short with no shoe.
I offered to post wrong item back to them if they will pay for shipping, but there was no respond.
I have all e-mails and receipt kept for future investigation of fraud.
I know my customer rights and I requested full refund for a wrong item within 60 days of date of purchase ( as it states in Terms and Conditions section on their website)

All I want is get my money back or correct item and for now so far it causes me stress and problems.


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Case with christinascuts.co.uk is farwarded to Action Fraud and reported to the police, so please future buyers, be aware of them!!!
They are still not willing to cooperate, so you will be better with spending your money somewhere else.

I completely agree this website is fraud. I ordered salming squash shoes and I received Nike. They do not even have their own email domain. The contact email are gmail or hotmail. Wtf I ordered two shoes. Please do not waste your money here. They don't have a telephone number that you can reach. Website and customer derive both are pathetic.

Questions about After-Sales:
1. Q:
How do I return a product purchased at this site?
We design our products to bring quality and performance to our customers' active life. We feel the same way about customer service. If you need to return or exchange an item, we will gladly make it happen.
Items can be returned for a refund or exchange for any reason within 60 days of the date of purchase.

Reserving the Right:
This site reserves the right to make adjustments to the Return & Exchange Policy. Special circumstances may require partnership with corporate business partners. For more information, please contact our customer service.

2. Q:
: How long will it take to process the exchange or refund?
Total time is composed of two parts. The first part is the processing time. This is the time from when your request of exchange or refund, plus our processing procedure. The second part is the actual shipping time. This is the time that it takes for the package to be exchanged and redelivered to you.

3. Q:
Will I have to pay any additional fee for the exchange or refund?
It depends. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the item, but the fault are not caused by us, you should pay for the shipping fee and the reshipping fee for item exchange.


Dear Friend ,
Thank you for your feedback.
Sorry for our fault.
For avoiding the high shipping cost, we suggest you try to resell to someone else. At the same time, you will get a nicer discount coupon as our compensation.
Any question please contact us freely.
Best wishes

----- Original Message -----
From: "sara li"
To: "Ammad Nadim" <a com>
Sent: Wednesday, July 27, 2016 2:13:03 PM
Subject: Re: Wrong Shoes Received (LX958211626CN)

sorry to you,we still hope u can keep that,and we will partial refund you 20 GBP,thank you,have a nice day

2016-07-26 16:25 GMT+08:00 Ammad Nadim &lt; a.nadim@ammadsurgical.com &gt; :

Dear Sara,

Why is your colleague offering me non sense.

I am absolutely not interested in any thing from your website. So don't even bother to offer me any coupons from your website.

You guys cannot even make a delivery. I would have given you the benefit of doubt if you had shipped me the same shoes. I don't think there was some mistake by your delivery guy. I ordered the same shoes and the parcel I RECEIVED the shoes aren't same. That means some one from your company did it on purpose since you are a cheating website. NOW OFFERING ME COUPONS!!!!!

And now you partner in crime Cindy expects me to sell these shoes. Are you serious?

I once again request you to either ship me the shoes I ordered or return my money.

Your earliest action will be highly appreciated.

Ammad Nadim


How about we refund you 10 EUR and you keep your parcel?

2016-07-27 14:07 GMT+08:00 Ammad Nadim <a com>:
Dear Cindy,

How much can you refund?

No I do not accept coupon.


Ammad Nadim
M/s Ammad Surgical
41-B Commercial Area,
Cavalry Ground, Cantt.
Lahore, Pakistan.
Tel :+92 (0)42 36610 070
Fax :+92 (0)42 36667 905
Mobile : +92 (0)301 8119 134

----- Original Message -----
From: "cindy li"
To: "Ammad Nadim" <a com>
Sent: Wednesday, July 27, 2016 8:37:50 AM
Subject: Re: Message from christinascuts.co.uk

We can refund you,but not the full money,can you accept a coupon?

2016-07-26 16:17 GMT+08:00 Ammad Nadim &lt; a.nadim@ammadsurgical.com &gt; :

Dear customer,

Thank for your feedback.

We are sorry to hear that,please take photos of items and parcel that you have received,then we will check it details with our warehouse worker whether they have sent the wrong item,so that we can process your problem effectively,thank you.

Looking forward to your earlier reply.

Best Wishes
customer service

Dear customer,
Thank you for your email,and sorry to you to have caused you so much trouble,we still hope u can keep that,and we will partial refund you,thank you,have a nice day
Best wishes

This website was known as christianscuts.co.uk. The name has changed. Please stay away from this website.

we still hope you can keep them,we can refund you 20 GBP,hope your understand,thank you,have a nice day.

2016-08-02 17:24 GMT+08:00 Ammad Nadim <a com>:
I am still waiting for you to confirm your address so that I can ship back the shoes.

Hi folk, I had the same problem with them...Sara li and Cindy li. I bought my item in a french website http://www.adt-plombier-depannage-dijon.fr/ It seems they always send the same answers to their costumers...they sent me the wrong item. After fighting with them they refund me 10 euros and I had to keep the parcel. I lost 36 euros...and they are doing the same with other websites all around Europe...

I had same problem with website www.demange-toiture.fr.
I ordered in september shoes Bibi Lou but I received Adidas.
I sent more 50 mails to cindy li and sara li and they replied me some thing, to resell the shoes.
DO you find a solution??
I spent 70 €, I want my money back.
today I check and webiste is closed.


please help me ...maybe together we'll have money.

Ok so now they seem to be trading under WWW.NOORDINARYCLOTHES.CO.UK

I have unfortunately just spent 70e and my bank can not refund even though payment still pending. I believe now I will either get trainers or else nothing... i have emailed them for a refund so lets see... hopefully. Cindyli has emailed me asking for transaction no. but sure.... i didnt get one! Wish there was something i could do now.. feel helpless! :(

I have spent almost 70E, and I didn't get any money bank. They keep offering me 20 E refund, but I didn't agree, because I want whole amount of money. I have no idea if they would realy return this 20 e if have agreed. (did anyone get this refund?). I'm pissed off and I wish all the worst to fucking Cindy :(

Joanna, I reported fraud to my bank and they seem to have retrieved the money from the recipient's bank and return it to me. I also reported fraud to the police. I suggest you do the same? I didn't bother with the pity refund they offered. All it is is a scam and fraud and it needs reported.

Ho Joanna
Could you help me how you ha e back money?
Thank you

Gloria I'm not the one who can help - I'm not the author of comment from 20/12/2016 - 08:54, , I wrote the previous one. It is Kuba, who got the money from his bank. I will try to do the same, You can also try to report this fraud to your bank. I think this is the only way. I just can't stand that fucking CindyLi will not be penalized for her fraud.


Same story from Sweden. Bought a sweater that still is not delivered after 12 days. So called customer service says don't worry... Gave me a trackingnumber that do not exist. http://www.fastighetsstegen.se is the Adress used here, stay away!

Oh, how I am disappointed of myself! I had never, but never, purchased an item from "unknown" sites until... I found these wonderful Pikolinos sandals (at half of their price) and all I did was to google the name of the site lambretta4ever.co.uk... with no results of a scam. Today I d find a site where they can tell me that this person registered the site in Scotland but their server was both in Turkey and in ...China.
Sweden is the country I live too.
This Cindy Li sent me an email today telling me "don't worry, their are coming, you have this track number EMS, have a nice day" :o :o :o :o The track number is not for real, of course... I checked.
I should mention that I received this message after my complain to them (I wrote directly on their site).
Firstly after a whole week when nothing had happened to my shoes... it was written "pending" under my order on their site.
SECONDLY, the most important one!!! I discovered on my bank account an illegal purchase was made on csshappybeansservice of USD 88!!! I panicked and I went to the bank. They could track that someone in China had bought a coffee machine on my card...at 7.34 pm o'clock...EXACTLY THE TIME when my order on lambretta4ever.co.uk was registered. Now figure this out :(
Now this Cindy Li is aware that a bank in Sweden has tracked down the illegal purchase and that my credit card is blocked....
Again, how I am disappointed of myself!!!
Thank you for reading this and I hope others can track down these messages when they google the "scam sites".

Were trading as cheveninghorticulture.co.uk
Now no access to that website which is based in China. No response to emails cindy one I was given and no shoes. Reported to my bank and should have the £60 odd returned to my debit card
How do these people sleep at night ?!?

My friend had the same problem -shopping from http://www.strongbyarts.se/.
She ordered a pair of Kavat winter shoes and received ugly ass Nike's for men.
I got ab email fom cindy - customerservicecindyonline@gmail.com.
She is keeping busy with all those scam websites!!!
The reply was:

Dear customer,
Thank you for your email, We are sorry to hear that,don't worry,take photos about this problem on the items and parcel that you have received,then we will check it details with our warehouse worker whether they have sent the wrong item,so that we can process your problem effectively,thank you,have a nice day,wait your short reply.
Best Wishes
Any question, please feel free to contact us.

Guess I can kiss the money goodbye.
Has anyone ever had a refund?

Same happened to me. Ordered winterboots for my daughter and got these Nike shoes for men in size 44!
I'm also living in Sweden

Hi Monica and all,

Yes, I managed to get my money bank by contacting my bank. I paid with a credit card (which I think helps) and reported it as a scam/fraud. In order to do that I had to submit email history with Cindy which shows that I tried to return the item and asked for the shipping address but they wouldn't give it to me. as well as some details about my payment. They refund me and retrieved the money from the recipient's bank. I am based in the UK but would hope banks in other countries have similar procedures in place. Hope that helps. K

I have also been scammed. Thought I was buying a pair if lass seasons Diesel trainers only to received some inferior and probably fake Nike trainers of completely wrong size.

I have reported to my credit card and also http://www.actionfraud.police.uk/ to try and stop this site.

The same story here. Shoes ordered on http://www.readumedia.com. Got some fake pair of nike. What's more they STEAL money from the credit card. Lucky me they are to greedy and exceeded the account limit so the bank rejected the authorisation of the transaction. Now the card is restricted. Stay away from them.

Just ordered a Modstrom coat at www.regalozwolle.nl (Dutch). Received an e-mail from customerservicecindyonline@gmail.com about my account, no order confirmation. I googled the adress and found out it's a scam.
I paid with creditcard, so I immediately called my bank. They told me I have to wait 30 days. If I receive nothing or the wrong item, first I have to try to solve this with the seller. If that won't work, and I can proof I did try work it out with the seller, the bank will refund me.

I have sent an e-mail telling I want to cancel my order. The answer:
Dear customer,
Thank you for your shopping,We have more orders recently, so the mail needs a long time to reply, if not promptly reply please forgive us, all the messages we will reply, thank you for your understanding.
Best Wishes

I feel so stupid. The coat wasn't rediculously cheap, so no ' to good to be true' alarm, but the language is odd (google translate). I just didn't take a good look, because I was shopping on my phone. I almost order all my clothes and other stuff online, and it never went wrong.

It seems I will get my money back, like Kuba, so I'm lucky. My advice for everyone: get in touch with your bank and save all your correspondence with the scammer!

Good luck.

need advise about regalozwolle.nl
Ordered 1 coat, but shoppingbasket counted 2 coats. So I used the "correct" butten but suddenly 4 coats were in the shoppingbasket and there was no way to get back to the order! I had already given in mij creditcard numbers so the order was 'pending"!! this was 4 days ago. I never received a confirmation by email, no respons to my 6 attempt for cancelling the order by filling in the contactdocument, nothing! Now what? had anyone been here before with regelozwolle.Nl???? What about the payment? wil it go off the creditcard?

salthousebythesea.co.uk this is the company I ordered some boots from only to receive a very cheap jacket?? today- I have been scammed £90 - I feel stupid and it's put me off internet shopping. I am contacting my bank to report the fraud now.

I ordered Skechers shoes to the value of £54.95 on the 24/1/17.from uk
Website angle stoke church .uk which I thought was a bona fide website
Invoice was posted on there. No information or indication of delivery date
However on the 10th of feb receive an email from cindy li . By now I realised
I had been scammed . Package arrived today 16thfeb guess what cheap and
Nasty fake Nike trainers.credit card company has been informed and are looking into it .they also took more money off my credit card than they should
Have done .this is just one big con .first time I have ever been done though
But will be mor careful in future

After receiving fake women's trainers wrong size of course
I have had my money returned onto my credit card.. Don't
Believe a word these scammers say they are absolute crooks
Who set up fake web sites .just to take your money.

Hello again!
As I wrote some days ago, I too am one of the cheated persons. Today I received my BEAUTIFUL NIKE SHOES when I ORDERED PIKOLINOS SANDALS! I am not even sure if these Nikes are even genius.
My next stop now: the consumers' rights office in my town and the police.


Similar problem with this fraudulent pages in Czech!!! It's blurredstore.cz - ordered one shoes, my bank called me same day to say it's fraudulent transaction it need to wait what's gonna happen.
If the ordered shoes won't come can go to bank and try to solve it with them.
Sent Cindy email with refund request. Guess what...no reply.

Hi Marti
Sorry to hear your bad news . you will more than likely receive fake nike
trainers . I got my money back because I paid on a credit card.
The police at action fraud have said there is nothing they can do. which I find surprising . when they have set up fake websites. they cant be bothered I suppose
these people are just crooks

Hi all,

My experience is no better unfortunately. I ordered a pair of Irish Setter hunting shoes from http://www.specialistsecurityserviceshorsham.co.uk/ (AVOID AT ALL COST!). The price without shipping was 78.70€. For these money I got a pair of sneakers. I immediately emailed about the problem and it was the infamous customerservicecindyonline@gmail.com. Here are some of the answers I got, I am omitting the "we are busy" ones:

On Jan 22, 2017:

Dear customer,
Thank you for your cooperation.I will check with warehouse,and give you an answer later.
Best regards

On Jan 27, 2017:

Dear customer,
Thank you for your shopping,We are on holiday now,we will back 4th,February, so the mail needs a long time to reply, if not promptly reply please forgive us, any problem,please email to us,we will deal when we back,all the messages we will reply, thank you for your understanding.
Best Wishes

On Feb 16, 2017

Dear Friend ,
Thank you for your feedback.
Sorry for our fault.
For avoiding the high shipping cost, we suggest you try to resell to someone else. At the same time, you will get a nicer discount coupon as our compensation.
Any question please contact us freely.
Best wishes
Your message wasn't delivered to customerservicecindyonline@gmail.com because the address couldn't be found. Check for typos or unnecessary spaces and try again.

On Mar 13, 2017:

How about we refund you 15 EUR and you keep your parcel?

On Mar 20:

I understand,but we can't refund you full money.

And the last thing, today, Mar 28, 2017, is just great:

Your message wasn't delivered to customerservicecindyonline@gmail.com because the address couldn't be found. Check for typos or unnecessary spaces and try again.

What a scam!

The part with the failed message to that email address is hilarious! I wrote above how they fooled me.
I reported them both at the police (though I doubt they will "touch" them somehow because they are not Swedish), the bank reported the abuse of my credit card (by these people... the double Li :)) AND I of course reported, not only the website I have been on but Yours you have been mentioned in here as well, to the Google team. It is not ok to find the products (with stolen photos from the original designers, by the way) predominantly on Google search... PLUS the double Li's gmail accounts.
Now the chance these Lis read the forum... well, they shall do and discover that WE DO something about this and not only sit and complain.
That was all for me.

Have a sunny day!

Yes I've had the same too. Order some black boots and got blue trainers. Not happy I want a refund. This is completely unacceptable. Had an email saying one email had been blocked so to email another one. Sort this out ASAP. I'm not happy

Another one of Cindy Li's 'stores' to avoid is www.atimetosavour.co.uk. I ordered shoes from them in February. They were around 50pounds. I received an email in garbled English with a tracking number about three weeks later with no details in the email about what I had actually ordered and who it was from. The email address was customerservicecindyonline@gmail.com. The tracking number they gave me didn't exist on the EMS site, which is where they told me to check for it. The business name given on my transaction statement is 'CSSHappybeans-service'.

I am hoping my bank will be able to take back the money. I'm also a little disappointed I didn't even receive a fake pair of pink nike trainers like some others on this forum as some kind of consolation. What terrible people they are?!

Regarding the transaction made on csshappybeans.... PLEASE, go to your bank and check what exactly the money was taken for!!! One day after my order (the story is above) I noticed a weird sum of money was taken from my account, and that had nothing to do with the sandals I had ordered. I went immediately to the bank where they could tell what,when and where it was ordered. At the same evening, I had ordered my shoes, they bought a coffee machine in China.
Hope this helps a little bit why you probably have not received the famous Nike shoes.

I complained to my bank, I gave them all the correspondence, pictures of the shoes I ordered and those I received, this website address and after a while I got my money back, they blocked the transaction even after a month had passed. You should all try the same.

I did the same, I changed credit card and complained to my bank who refunded me. This is a total scam.

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