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I would recommend you stay away from this company - paid a deposit to secure a car vx57FOD advertised at 20,000 miles, the dealer said its definetely under 21,000 miles because he has being using it personally and didnt want it to go over the 21 as it would reduce the value slightly (via phone call) - I paid a £200 deposit and the finance company rang him for the details of the car, upon further inspection the finance company rejected them as a dealer because they didnt meet their criteria (i.e that they are a reputable dealer, they trade from a business premises and not a friends house, they have a stock list of at least 20 cars, VAT registered, LTD company etc.) The finance company said as an ultimatum we could do an AA full check on the car but the dealer said he doesnt trust the AA and they are useless and the £300 pound it costs is a waste of money. Anyway this was explained to the dealer I logged into the DVLA website to get the mileage details of the car only to find the mileage was over the advertised mileage over 2 years ago.. wait there advertised at 20k miles but DVLA site says 22k in 2010 so in the past 3 years the car has gone down in miles.. I put this information to the dealer and they fumbled in their responses and sent over service stamps which were clearly useless. The latest service stamp was from AMP Electronics which is not even a car/garage dealer/fixer.. Need I say more? My advice would be to stay away from this company.. Needless to say i'm still waiting for my £200 deposit back.

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I had a very unpleasant dealing with this company.
After 6 months of being told the service book was in the post. I was called a C word and told to drive down to the garage and see where it gets me.
Steer well clear of Car Wise !!!!

Please note that my initial comment was about CARWISE VEHICLES Ltd and its Director Ashley Gore. Also running under Epping Forest Cars. Also other links via website and domains to Burling Motor Company and Nazeing Car Company.
BUT NOT any other company names. I have seen people posting complaints about other Carwise companies eg one in Stourbridge, which has nothing to do with my posting. Hence if you have problems with other company, then please take up via another link .
Many Thanks.
Any issues with the companies I mention, then please do get in touch. Currently I have a Court Order against Carwise Vehicles Limited which I am enforcing. I understand a 2nd CCJ is against them and I would love to hear from that person.

Car that I purchased from thiDs dealer was generally OK but the shadey way that he operates leaves some concern. The mileage stated was 4000 higher than actual. Stated leather seats are not leather. The front sterio speakers do not work. He didn't give me the correct paperwork and I doubt that he even knows what to do with the registration document. This has caused problems with the dvla which I am having to deal with. When actually doing the deal, he was trying to hurry me whilst I was going over the paperwork, which doesn't exactly instill confidence. All viewing was carried out firstly at a local garage and secondly at his car cleaning contractors, not at the registered address.
Generally, the way that this Delboy/Boyce character operates leaves a lot to be desired. Steer clear if you want plain honest dealers.

please note this has nothing to do with carwise trade centre stourbridge

I brought a Range Rover Autobiography from Car Wise in Essex in Oct last year. Had major probs with it. Now needs gearbox overhall which can be done on the 5 star 12 month warranty that the guy persuaded me to take out, costing almost £400. Called warranty company - they have no record of this warranty whatsoever! VGS are now investigating him. To sell these warranties, the dealer should be registered with them to do so. And guess what? No record of him either. Seems like a ride to his home address is due, considering he isnt replying to my calls etc. Have got.Citizens Advice on to it too. He is commiting fraud.

Can folks who have issues contact me. I too have an issue and need to see if same bloke.

contact me. I am starting court proceedings and would be interested to learn your experience.

Can you please make contact as I have paid a deposit on a car I am due to collect on Friday and need to know if it's the same guy?

I bought a Merc from Carwise in Stourbridge, West Midlands a month ago, took it to a garage for diagnostic check as wouldn't start three times and had to call breakdown people, anyway the garage has informed me there are loads of problems with this car the major one being it was too dangerous to drive as the brakes could of failed at any time and I could of killed myself, phoned Carwise and they're not in the least interested!! Please reply with anything I can get against these scumbags, I'm taking this to Trading Standards and need as much against them as possible. Thanks Sue

I don't think that this is the same Carwise. There are a few companies trading around this name? drop me your email privately.

I recently bought a car from the kirkcaldy branch it broke down after 2 months got him to take it back to investigate the problem hes had the car for a month I've had to phone him 4 times with sill no idea what is going to be done about it getting increasingly stressed think i need to seek legal advice

Hi sue I have recently brought a seat Ibiza from car wise Stourbridge myself. I've only had the car for 3 weeks and I've had problem after problem with it. 1st thing was the tracking was out, so I went to have it done and found out the the drivers side wheel at the front had been worn that much that the wire was showing. I was told that would of took months to happen. I took it to a different machinic and he told me the bush had snapped and it wasn't roadworthy. They are stating the car has MOT but there is NO mot certificate for 2015 only going back to 2014 and I've been told that it shouldn't of passed this years MOT. Last night my central locking completely stopped on me and I couldn't get my key out of the door. I now have to climb though the boot of my car.

When I went to look at the car he told me there was nothing wrong with the car.

ibiza was priced cheap. retail value was more than what it was sold. mot issue's need to be taken up with the garage that has done mot.

merc was px clearance priced accordingly. discounted price for any work needed. customer was aware of brake warning light on dash.

You probably all went to car wise Stourbridge because the Prices are cheap - stop moaning! I'm looking at a little run about yeah it's going cost me a few quid along the way but still not cost as much as going to a bigger dealer. You get what you pay for as long as they're not shifting done up write offs - HPI it check it over well - no body is forcing you to buy from them, if a deal is to good to be true it probably is. Finally do you really expect an older car to cost you nothing along the way?????

Ok, so had s test drive before buying & didn't buy !! We are all sort of right, it turned out to be a real poor car, not s crap but not good! (Too many engine rattles and bits missing!!!! ) Spending an extra £500 quid somewhere else for a much better car - I'd still sort of stand by what I said if your budget is tight and you need a cheap cheap motor go to care wise but remember they are fair in that you'll get what you pay for.

My point in this whole thing is that they sold me a car whether it was cheap or not is irrelevant, that it WAS a death trap is the point I'm making!! A friend bought it off me in the end to make right and it has cost him more than I paid to make it roadworthy! Doubt I will get any satisfaction from seeing these scumbags admit liability as those sort always have other avenues to do business!! I would advise anyone to stay away!!!

if anyone knows the adress to carwise in essex could they please contact me as im trying to go through process of trading standards would be very much appreciated 01892 518416 thank you

Just bough a Honda Civic 2.2 from 2007 with 97.000 miles on clock for 3000 pounds and when I got home I realized that they added after the contract was done next to speedometer reading "incorrect mileage" . After seing this I searched online for MOT history and I found out that this car had cracked mileage. So seems like I bought a honda with 240.000 miles for 3000 quid , now im suing them for fraud ! PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THEM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lady who bought civic..
Should have done your checks before buying.
How can someone write something on contract after you have signed and is in your possession?
Might just be discripense on mot?
Does the look like or drive like it's high mileage? Are they any major faults with car?
We are quick to blame others. Please always do your homework when buying a car. Always do mileage checks and get a hpi report to make sure no cat c or cat d n there's no outstanding loans on car. Always ask for a 12 months mot and 3 months warranty .
Thank you

I wouldn't recommend to buy from this place. Staff is unpleasent they don't treat you with respects. I would call them cowboys they don't no how to run a buisness. I brought a car from here the car stopped on my way home and didn't start I had to call the aa. There was many problems with the car and he guaranteed there to be no problems. He then said u are covered for 3 months with a breakdown cover. I called the company and they had no record of this. If I was you I wouldn't buy of this place.

Bought a car from carwise in stourbridge and was told they serviced and valeted the car. Turns out they didn't. Emailed them to say there were problems with the car and now they deny my ever contacting them. Guys give this company a wide berth and DO NOT trust them.

carwise stourbridge are great people to deal. had proplem with my car, they picked up car from my home and fixed it for me.

Bought a car, seemed OK when we viewed it. On collection it was soaking wet. They said it had been valeted but it stank like wet dog. Spare wheel well was full of water 4 days later and smell did not go. I think they must have left windows open when it rained badly. That was just the start. Was told car had been fully serviced and new MOT. I asked if any advisories was told no. Found out it had corroded exhaust and two nearly illegal tyres as we found MOT paperwork stuffed in side pocket.
But the best part is we drove the car 95 miles parked it up on our holiday. The very next day it would not start. ENGINE SYSTEMS FAILURE. Had to pay to be towed back home. Ruined my holiday. Also mechanic told us tyres were actually illegal and very dangerous.
Took car back. Requested full refund immediately. They agreed. BUT. They did not refund the money. They debited the account AGAIN!!! Luckily I now have all my money back but it's taken 3 weeks of me chasing nearly every day to get back the original payment and also the payment they were not authorised to take.
If you like your hard earned cash and want a decent car you may want to shop elsewhere.

I saw a Kia Sedona being sold by CARWISE STOURBRIDGE, advertised on Autotrader. Advert said that the car had no issue but some noise with gearbox. I called CARWISE & confirmed everything. I travelled all the way from Manchester and made payment. The owner drove the Kia with me and explained the noise on the gearbox. He confirmed again that everything else was perfect. Just after about 30 minutes of me driving back to Manchester on the M6, the car started overheating. There was smoke from the bonnet. There also was some ABS warning light. Prssed the gas all the way down but the car would go further. I did some emergency stop and rang them. Simply told me to stop the car then re-start it. I did so but had the same problem. I rang them but they were not helpful or at all. Simply asked to find my own recovery service and take it back to Manchester. I was told that there were nothing they could do for me. As I was closed to Wallsall I managed to leave the motorway. Thankfully there was a garage not far just as you leave the motorway. I though that maybe they could try and do something to allow me to join my family in Manchester. They looked at the engine and told me that the engine was gone. I needed between £500 and £900 to get everything fixed. Called again Carwise and they were unhelpful. Finally, after difficult exchanges, they agreed to refund me. I was asked to drop the car somewhere in a premier inn in Stourbridge. I did so on the same day. Since then no update, I contacted them on a few occasions to inquire about my refund but they were really unhelpful and unprofessional. Once a gentleman hanged up the phone on me. Extremely poor standards. No update at all. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THEM, shall I advise.

Purchased an astra sri ,no mot when purchased thay finally got round to do an mot ,car was not road worthy had to have lots of work done ,bodge jobed work to make me happy ,2 months after turbo went and front breaks thay repaired turbo that then failed in 3months no after care but threats took car to a turbo specialists,ready to blow engine !!do not buy from this company poor after care ongoing probs with car , , on going offences in court and trading standArds, I was sold a pile of scrap and knowing I had a young family traveling in car ,avoid!!this company

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