Terms & Conditions will catch you out. (UK Wholesale - DJ2GO Ltd)

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Please be aware that this company operate a no cancellation and no returns policy hidden in their terms and conditions.

Although their website states 'standard UK delivery' it does not draw attention to the fact that they will exercise the right to take up to 30 days before processing your order and will not contact you during this time and will not return calls or emails until they are ready to do so.

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I placed an order a few days ago. The items were advertised as  immediate dispatch. But they haven't been....and there is no communication..........I'll give them a few more day before updating this with my thoughts on the company.

I placed an order a few days ago. The items were advertised as  immediate dispatch. But they haven't been....and there is no communication..........I'll give them a few more day before updating this with my thoughts on the company.

I have given them untill week ending 17th May for my delivery, Then i will try through the small claims court to get my money back, at the same time report them to trading standards, I feel that i may be hitting my head against a brick wall.. Brian Isaac

We have all suffered one way or other at the hands of this company, and have been conned by there trading practice .My purchase was 6/7 weeks ago, and still waiting..
I have reported them , and Im to understand that they are being investigated . When i receive any information i will forword it on..
I did check with the police in Doncaster , yes they do have a address there.

I too ordered there. Shame I didnt google the site before hand as there's many bad reviews on the net.
I have info on the company and the people that run it, that I have found out by a little digging. If you want it, email me. Daryl.Gagg at ntlworld dot com
I am going through the small claims but fear they will just ignore it. :/

Echoes my experience. I'd be interested to learn about the legality of hidden terms and conditions in this case,

If you have any more information on the organisation I'd be interested to have it so that I can be sure of finding a correct address where they are picking up hard-copy mail.

You will love this, received today 28th May, from you knw who,,, ha ha ha
Thank you for you resent order on our site. We hope you enjoy your new purchase. We would very much appreciate your feedback on the following..

.. Followed by.

You are encouraged to leave either a product review or feedback regarding our GENERAL SERVICE...
this is the best bit.... We hope you fully enjoyedyour shopping experience and that you return soon....
Please note,,, that my order was given to them during the first week in April 2014, and Im still awaiting... Thats it . ha ha ha
PLEASE no abuse, we are all in the same boat.

Great advice, I have reported this company to Action Fraud and to Doncaster Trading Standards. Hopefully they will be closed down one day :-)

Well, I've spoken to trading standards and the CAB. Sent the letter to 'you know who' and got the paperwork to submit a claim through the small claims court as i doubt that i will hear from them in the allotted time......(being prepared).

Next week i may consider the chargeback facility i am told my bank can offer funded by visa. Watch this space.
Interestingly my delivery was sent from according to the box a person and place (resi address)not connected to the company????strange.


I have now received a full refund, after i threatened to go to donny and kick off.
They just now owe the Court Costs I paid for small claims. Doubt I will see it though.

Hi, Its the same story again , Placed an order 40 days and have not received it yet, No communication from the company whatsoever, no one answers the phone, no replies to emails and messages via their site.I'm surprised how they still operating and doing business.on top of that they want feedback of the goods ordered when they haven't even sent it.THE MOST WORST COMPANY, please avoid shopping from their website ukwholesale.info and please report it.

I ordered something about 5 weeks ago. I just chased up this week but have heard nothing. My heart sank when I saw this thread - feel such a chump.

Does anybody have a number to call them on and sorry but I don't get the references to You know who etc.

only 5 weeks, i go back 3 months
save your money they do not reply..

UNDER MY NAME BRIAN ISAAC.. you will find all the tele numbers you will ever need,
providing you use them..

Was just about to place an order with these people and my ISP decided that they would block them, went and did a Google search and ended up here, VERY pleased I did so, won't be placing that order now, thanks for everyone in this thread who has warned off using them, and my condolences to those who have.

My order finally turned up I am pleased to say. Some of the parts are missing but I don't think I'll be bothering wasting my time following up.

My lesson was that if it looks like the deal is too good to be true then it probably is.

best of luck to the others waiting.

Criminals, rogues, cowboys, thieves - that's all that can be said about this company.

I have experienced the same as others - order placed, money taken from account immediately, and then ... nothing. No response to emails and they don't answer the phone.

How can a company like this be allowed to trade?? THEY MUST BE CLOSED DOWN.

I've been waiting for 4 months on a order and not a bean. I've phoned 10 times just some phone number that will rip you off and no one ever answers.

Emails they never reply to. Only way would be trading standards now. I've never dealt with a company like these.

best was i said ill pop over and pick up the good myself as this was taking the P***. There reply was
Ok pal, come and see us (the pikey yard) we will show you what is taking the piss!

Don’t mess with travellers pal


Just shows what kind of people they are. Must be some dodgy company. The address is a caravan. Just wish i had found this site first.. Close them down.

You should contact Doncaster Trading Standards and make a complaint, they will take your experience seriously and look into the matter. The more people that contact DTS, the more chance of closing this bunch of rip-off merchants down:

Doncaster Trading StandardsCivic Office
01302 737529

Also contact Action Fraud 0300 1232040 - they deal with internet crimes and the likes of this crappy company. They will give you a crime reference number after taking details of the incident.

You can also contact your bank and ask them to do a 'charge back', this is where they take the money back out of the rip-off merchants account. You need to say to the bank that the company was 'in breach of contract' as they have not supplied you with the goods you ordered.

Avoid this company at all costs, if luckily you do get what you ordered any broken items will not be refunded or replaced. Customer service is non existent, typical one man band cowboy company

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