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DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! Got my part it was completely rusted through, took 3 days on and off the phone to get them to pick up the part I had and send me a new one.

Promised to send it on particular day, waited all day and did not receive part and had to phone and ask why, the same process happened three times. I had to take days off work because of this! When asking for the manager they would always say he was out or say hang on one minute and the phone would go dead after 5 minutes.

Drove up there to sort this out because nothing was getting sorted, they said they would sort it and phone me. They never phoned me when they said they would I had to phone them, when I did they told me they don't have another one of those parts. So I asked for a refund and they agreed.

Took just under two weeks to get my refund from them, that is after I phoned several times again.

Total expenses for me were over £300 extra because this company messed me around. Do not use this company!

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I ordered a spare brake caliper from them and they sent the wrong part TWICE, then when I returned the caliper I never received the promised refund after many many emails and phone calls. This went on for several weeks and now they just ignore my emails and calls. I am 66 quid out of pocket and their customer service is nothing short of appalling.

Went to purchase a ABS sensor for my Toyota Avensis, went onto 247 spares. Got a quote from Foreign Car Spares at an alarmingly fast rate. Decent price, good warranty cant complain.

I am experiencing almost identical problems as the first review.

I keep calling & E-Mailing & never get an honest answer.

I would never use this company again.

I would never use this firm again , I waited 5 weeks for Bullbar then when sent wrong one , still waiting for contact from them as need refund as not happy at all , as I have had to do all the contacting by phone and email and never get a straight answer as to what is happening , and bullbar sent not only the wrong one but is out of shape due to accident of somesort , get no sense on phone , really fed up now as spent money on something that is not suitable as doesnt fit plus is damaged ,I am fuming

I found this firm through 1st choice spares online agency on 2 June 2014. 1st choice claims links with 250 'star rated' depots in the UK, who will check their stock for availability. Within 30 minutes of making a request for a boot lid through 1st choice, I received a phone call on my landline from Foreign Car Spares Birmingham, saying that they had the part in immaculate condition and would deliver within 2-3 days. I paid with my credit card over the phone. They were late with delivery, and I needed to chase them, but when the part arrived it was badly damaged and scratched. I rang FCS to report this and was told by a very rude and patronizing manager called Dave to photograph the damaged boot lid and email the photo to him. Which I did. What followed was endless phone calls from me chasing these people who always said they'd phone ME back, promises undelivered, etc etc etc. Are you still awake? It is now July. I am still waiting for the proper bootlid. My mechanics at the excellent Marshbrook Garage in Horderley waited on Thursday evening 3rd july for promised delivery. No luck. Promised again yesterday, 4th July. No luck. As of last conversation yesterday evening at 5 pm, FCS have promised to deliver the part on Monday morning 7th July. If this does not happen I will be demanding a full refund from FCS, requesting that this business be struck from 1st Choice and will also report this company to Trading Standards. Btw, I am a journalist and when I mentioned this to DAVE at a particularly trying exchange in our discussion, he seemed to think this was a threat...never. Just a reminder that he has a duty of care in this business.

Exactly the same happened to me and within 3 days of giving out my credit card details over the phone like yourself my card was used for almost £3000 fraudulently, this may be a coincidence. Watch out.

Waiting on towbar for Toyota corolla done through breakerlink told 3 days and like other complainants of this company they ignored my emails so they are in for shock they were told by me i take them to court and i mean it no messing no numpty like this gets to take the piss so unfortunately for them if towbar not here. By Wednesday 16 July then the court will get them told and if they don't pay up then the court can empower the ballifs who will go with police and seize goods if any threats verbal or other they be arrested under section 5 public order act so goods still taken and they get arrested too. This is less hassle than trying non stop and if they don't comply they get charged with contempt of court. People use the courts they have to pay all costs and they are the loosers not you so everybody going through this crap with foreign car spares parkfield road, Birmingham b8 3ay hit these lot with the law behind you sicken them with court action that's only way to teach this lot lessons they won't forget if people all do this they will have to wise up and clean their act up. Prior to legal action keep records of everything between them and you dates time transaction who spoke to don't miss even smallest detail. Citizens advice will tell you how to make your claim. The day these numpties tryed to make a fool of a Reiver from Scottish Borders that's the biggest mistake this lot ever did which they will find out soon enough.

Cant believe they are still trading and still using Dave as the contacts name. Ripped off by them in 2011.

DONT GO THERE. This company simply should not be allowed to operate. After ordering a part they said it would be with 3 working days (Didn't arrive) then promised overnight delivery (Didn't arrive) then promised the next working day and you guessed it didn't arrive. Now have to go through a dispute to get my money back. PLEASE DONT USE THEM. They have no level of.customer service and except no responsibility for there bad practice.

hi all well it is now march 2015 and this really bad company are still operating ,i have had the run around over an ignition barrel kit for rav 4 ,this company contacted myself after i placed an ad on gateway parts,took my money 102.00 pounds never received item ,was told like all the above ,waited like all the above ,was chasing them daily on the phone,was being told lots of different things like ,its definately being posted today phone later and will give tracking number,phoned got number tried to track it nothing available,phoned them again was told they couldnt get the part of the part and a refund had been issued,what a lie ,no refund appeared in bank ,no pending refund the fraud section of the bank informed us,phoned them back again ,was told refund why they had sent the part to me ,hey confused or what ,it seems they just want ur money and then its get lost .so so disapointed that we now have to get the fraud squad team involved,i feel the same way as all of you above ,they should be struck off the websites that are advertising them as a good company ,

Hi the same situation with the refund but I got in touch with breakerlink who advertised them, they immediately suspended them from the site until they sent photo evidence of the refund being issued my money was back the following day.

hi many thanks for that ,i will report them to the site, hopefully something will get sorted out .i will take court action on them as they are just con men .taking peoples money and sending out crap or nothing at all .

Very very slow to respond. Like to mess you around.

Cut a long story short.
Bought a petrol tank £60, assured it was good condition. paid £80 to have it fitted, leaked all over the place. 1 month later numerous emails and phone calls later they have decided to refund me if I return it less 25% handling charge. See foreign car spares terms and conditions.

I have tried to use this company for the last month and they have continuously sent me the wrong part. I have paid for one Return but not the next one. I have spoken to a number of people and today it was the rudest phone call I have had. Phrases like, "Stop wasting our time", they told me to send it back again and I said it costs me postage every time and the response was, " That's life live with it ". I am the customer and that's how they treat you. Never use this crowd they are terrible. Promise anything you ask and ignore your request and send you something different. Terrible.

They took my money for a part they said, over the phone, was in stock. No confirmation of order, nothing in writing from them, ever. After 2 weeks I phoned to cancel the order and was told they couldn't because it was already dispatched. Still no delivery after 4 weeks. My emails elicit no response, so I have sent copies by recorded delivery. Why are they still trading after all the terrible reviews?

Same problem. They took £198 on 2nd Nov 2015 for a Lexus exhaust that didn't turn up
Apparently when they took it of a donor vehicle it was found to be no good and said that they would refund the money. Lots of calls and excuses but still no refund
I'm not sure what the best course of action is. Maybe try another couple of times and then contact the breakerlink website if I still have no joy
Any advice welcome

Bought a door and wing from these people. It arrived at my work wrapped well but with no fragile labels which I had specifically asked them to put on. When I opened the packaging there were dents in the door which could only have been done before packing and the wing has a buckled edge which again could not have happened within the packing without destroying the packing. They are claiming the package would have had a A4 notice saying check before signing (Not on there) and the damage happened during transit. They are now doing the we'll call you back game. The photos I've sent them are so obvious as to the damage.Don't touch with a barge pole.

I really wish I had read the reviews before I used this company - totally frustrating - wrong parts, faulty parts and then, when I cancelled the order they sent a broken part! Then they had the cheek to try and get me to pay to return it - they should be closed down.

I wish to God i had looked at these and other reviews before handing over £1035 in total to this diabolical company
They will not refund, they will not provide any relevant information. They will not answer questions on phone or email. They are rude condescending liars and have no interest in reviews or threats of trading standards. Why is this company allowed to still trade?!

I wish to God i had looked at these and other reviews before handing over £1035 in total to this diabolical company
They will not refund, they will not provide any relevant information. They will not answer questions on phone or email. They are rude condescending liars and have no interest in reviews or threats of trading standards. Why is this company allowed to still trade?!

I dont know why this company is still trading, they are rubbish, dont answer any calls at all, all staff are lazy and speak to me disrespectfully, Ali however was no use as he said my part will come in a few days which hasn't so he was a really waste of time. Dave on the other hand was compromising and was a bit of a help, overall i would not order from you again as your customer service is very appalling and you do need to change your staff as soon as or you will be closed down

I wish I'd read these reviews first. Ordered a car door from these clowns. They shipped the wrong part. Chased with multiple phone calls, many broken promises to ship a replacement, Promised to call back with updates, delivery dates... but they never returned a single call. Stringing me along with Lie after Lie. Dave seems to be the manager - totally useless, disrespectful, argumentative -- his understanding of customer service is that it is my problem because after 2 weeks of my car sitting in pieces in a body shop, "I am not patient enough'. NEVER NEVER NEVER BUY FROM THIS COMPANY !!

Well what an absolute load of rubbish this company is!first they send the wrong part then I have to pay extra to send it back then they try and send me a bill for handling charge even though they had sent the wrong part they did finally agree to send a refund that is six weeks ago and now they’re telling me it has been paid into my bank...! But of course it hasn’t do not trust this company they are a bunch of lying foreign cheating BAST***s ...! DO NOT USE ......!

Avoid this company at all costs. They contacted me to tell me they had s part that I was looking for. I explained that there were different types of the same part, and to ensure they had the right part I asked them to send me a picture, which they could not do, I then spoke to someone else, and they said send us a picture, which I gladly did, they confirmed that was the right part and payment was made. 1 week later still no part, I called they told me it had been dispatched, then get a call to ask what part I had ordered, 2 weeks later part arrived, it arrived damaged and was the wrong part ��, sent back and took me over a month of constant calling to get my money back, which a % was removed for admin, has to be the worst company I have ever dealt with, avoid!!!!!!!!!

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