I used this product, smelt like a tin of paint remover sold at a pricey £14.99 gave it a go on my Re...
After almost two weeks, the product ordered and paid for on the UK Wholesale website has not been re...
Post date: 14/06/2017 - 15:52
We needed a fully insulated side-hinged garage door for a garage we converted into a work room. We also needed double glazed windo...
having received a £50 gift voucher at Christmas we proceeded to register and receive our usable £50...

gift ideas for two

Mistreated by GIFT IDEAS FOR TWO too? Let us know. http://www.foulbusiness.co.uk/write

Misleading advertising.

We received a Restaurant Dining for Two gift from our son and his wife, and eagerly logged on to find out where we could enjoy our meal. The box clearly stated that we would have a choice of over 100 locations, but in fact there were only 63!! The only ones within a reasonable distance, wer establishments that we had visited before and had not had a particularly good meal.
Luckily we found one close to a relative we were visiting 250 miles away in Kent.

Misleading - gift ideas for two

I have now received 2 'gift ideas for two' boxes and whilst I have been happy to recieve them (it's a gift after all), I would never recommend them or buy them myself as I do not think they are value for money- actually quite the opposite.

Two night getaway rip off - gift ideas for two (RESPONSE RECEIVED)

Was brought a gift for a two night getaway as a wedding present.

the box clearly states £199 so you would expect £199 worth of a getaway, but no the two night getaways actually cost less, the rest of the cost is for their third party charges between the company and the hotels.


having received a £50 gift voucher at Christmas we proceeded to register and receive our usable £50 voucher, after the traumatic experience of finally obtaining the voucher you then try and book a theatre ticket on limited days of the week at a limited number of theatres. You find one, Wicked ! no literally Wicked in Londons Apollo, Victoria. you go on line and try to book the tickets but you can't, the seats you want are £33.00 each...

Traditional Pub Breaks - but no room at the Inn! (gift ideas for two)

I have just had a most upsetting experience at the hands of 'Gift Ideas For Two'. To save others from a similar experience, let me share it with you.

Last Christmas (2013), my wife bought me a 'Traditional Inns & Pubs Break' from 'Gift Ideas For Two'. She paid £79 for the gift which entitles us to one night's free board (excluding all meals) in selected pubs and inns around the UK.

Not a Good Gift for Grandma

My son paid £34 for a Traditional Afternoon Tea for Two voucher for my wife and I.

The voucher is redeemable at over 70 venues around the UK.

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