I got quotes by using 1st choice website online, instantly my phone rang it was Mr Khan from FCS Sta...
Having come back from university i was fortunate enough to gain a job at a Brewers Fayre in my local...
Post date: 14/06/2017 - 15:52
We needed a fully insulated side-hinged garage door for a garage we converted into a work room. We also needed double glazed windo...
I ordered a couple of same Salming shoes from this website and received 2 different shoes from NIKE!...


Anglian Home Lied About Product Sold

We needed a fully insulated side-hinged garage door for a garage we converted into a work room. We also needed double glazed windows and a back-door. We chose Anglian as we had used them in the past without problems.

Anglian Home Improvements - A lesson on how not to deliver customer service or quality products

After a long and lengthy battle with Anglian Home Improvements I have decided to write this review, not to complain, but to explain to other potential customers the experience they should expect when dealing with Anglian Home Improvements. Included is a diary of events (facts) that occurred following the installation of our conservatory. It is then for you to decide if this is acceptable when making your purchasing decision.

Smoke and Mirrors - Able Group

Smoke and Mirrors . I returned back from my holiday on a Saturday morning (4th March)to find out that my boiler wasn't working. As i couldn't get a local Plumber, I went on-line using Google to find an emergency call out company. ABLE Group came up, 'No call out charge' - 'Fast Response' - 'Free quotes'.

Conmen £350 for simple lockout

Called Keys4u. Locked out. So called locksmith turned up. Told me he had to drill lock. Told him I done it before and all the locksmith done was go though letterbox and knock handle down. Should have been a 30 second job. He told me he didn't have anything to do that and showed me his tool case full of screwdrivers. He was Romanian. Alarm bells started going off in my head. Drilled lock but still could not get in. Started forcing the door. Took him 40mins to force door open.

Useless, it's a ripoff - ABLE GROUP

Asked to repair a broken door handle. I wasn't sure about the extent of the damage to the door and lock mechanism -- quoted between about £100-250 on the phone depending on what needed to be replaced (handle only vs. full mechanism) -- fair enough so far. Locksmith arrived, took about 5 minutes to replace handle, fortunately no other repair needed.

Able Group, The very Unable EVER. I would never use them again. Very poor communication and dishonest, took my money and did not deliver any service

I asked Able_group to send someone to control moth in my flat in London on 17/9/16. They charged me £180.00 upfront, they sent someone that stayed in the flat for 15 minutes, sprayed two areas in spite of my friend who let him in telling him that the moth was all over the flat.

Don't not use !! Foreign Car Spares

I posted the parts I required on 1st choice car spares and this company rang me within 10 minutes of posting to say they had the parts I required. I advised that they were for my partners car and he would ring and pay for the parts and arrange delivery. My partner rang and paid for the parts within the hour on the 12th of October. He was advised the parts would be here with 3 to 4 days. We ordered a Honda Civic passenger side door and passenger side skirt.

Able Group - Worst service ever for rat treatment

I contacted this company to treat rats in my garden. they charged me £150 for two visits. the first visit they put some baits and left. after a week they came back and although food was eaten the technician said, it is ok! no worry. he did not even bother to look for new activities of rats. he collected the bait boxes and left. After he left i looked for activities and found just 1 meter away there was a new hole!!!

Utter Incompetence - DO NOT HIRE ABLE GROUP

My tenants reported a leak in the sitting room ceiling so I called Able Group to identify and address the leak.

Able Group sent a 'plumber' round to address a leak in the bathroom. They charged £72 for 30 minute visit but were actually on site for just 10 minutes.

Beware the wolves - Sell Simple.

Not there for the benefit of the seller, don't be fooled, they are looking to buy your property for the lowest price, best to use a reputable high street agent, your E.P.C. will be cheaper if you shop around.

A BUNCH OF CROOKS - Foreign Car Spares

This business is foul .Sent me dilapidated part all rusty & broken which in fact was totally wrong anyway.
When asked for a refund was lied to on 3 separate occasions over a course of 2 weeks never did get it.
Only resolved the matter by referring them to the card provider who in turn will take their own action
and refunded the money themselves.

They refused to return the wrong shoes!!!!!! ALSO THEY are FAKE!!!

I ordered a couple of same Salming shoes from this website and received 2 different shoes from NIKE! These shoes were shipped directly from China and also are fake and damaged.

After I told the website customer services about the wrong delivery they asked me too keep the shoes and they will return me GBP 20 against GBP 107.40. I have asked them many times to give me a delivery address and they still have not. Its been almost a month now.

Anglian Home Improvements - 0% customer service.

In March we decided we needed a new front door as ours was not very secure. As we had used Anglia Windows in the past we decided to call you for a quote.

The salesman came to our house and we agreed on a door and new kitchen window. We paid £350 deposit that day and were told it would be installed within 8 weeks. A week later the surveyor came and measured up and we believe all was on track.

I want my money back! - christinascuts

Long story short.

DJ2GO also known as Tronics Direct! Be Aware!

I placed an order with Tronics Direct for a hard to find item, and they duly took my cash for 'next day delivery.' However I also received an email saying I had been refunded (for the item, not for the postage) but checking my bank account the refund was never sent.


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