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Post date: 14/06/2017 - 15:52
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No answer on supplied Contact Details - DJ2GO Limited

I ordered 5 Litres of smoke machine oil from this supplier and only got 1 Litre. Tried calling them 4 times holding on being told I am number 2 in the que just to be cut off at the end. This number charges 10p pm and I was holding on for almost 15 mins a time.

Order not received DJ2GO Ltd

I placed an online order with the above company on 11th April 2016. Payment was taken from my MasterCard and I have STILL not received my goods! I have telephoned them on the number shown on my invoice which was emailed to me. Phone number is 08723 883881. A answer machine states that the number is temporarily unavailable! I also emailed them on the address shown on the invoice - no response. I suggest people steer clear of this company!

No Response - scammers - Tronics direct

Tronics direct took my money - no delivery date has been supplied even though it was ex stock and next day delivery. Phone number doesnt work, e-mail gets no responses, have sent several e-mails, now moved on to the ombudsman !! BE AWARE I THINK THESE ARE SCAMMERS !! DO NOT TOUCH

DJ2GO Ltd - 34 Days since payment and still no goods.

I have rang and emailed numerous times with no reply or success.

Today I sent this email -


We have not received this order.

If I dont hear from you within 24 hours then I will contact my bank to cancel the payment.


this would lead to further charges, I Suggest you refer to the T&C's


UK Wholesale - DJ2GO Ltd - Incorrect and incomplete order - impossible to contact. scam

If it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Unable to contact them via telephone or email. My order was missing one item and another item was the incorrect colour. Do not use this business.

Items not what ordered, support non existant

Ordered a mixed box of 20 clearance items. 2 months later received a packet containing one item and a different order number. Thinking it was a mistake I tried to email them only to get an automated response of 'Direct customer emails are not answered', the phone number on their website is 'never' answered and has a premium cost attached to it.

The summary of this place is.:

Uk Wholesale - DJ2GO Limited - No Product Delivered, No Refund

Order items from them early April and no product has turned up 6 weeks later. I have tried contacting them through email and telephone but have had no response from either.

I would avoid this company as they are not reliable of trust worthy.

RUDE RUDE RUDE -avoid this company like the plague

This is a simply terrible set up, trading behind unexpected unreasonable term and conditions-  eg
No Refund
No Returns
Delivery will take up to 30 days

Do not try to phone - it is never answered and costs 10p per minute!
When you email you get VERY rude responses.
for example

Uk Wholesale - DJ2GO Limited Scammers

I ordered something from them online for £91 and never heard from them again.  I called them and emailed them but as others have said they never responded and never shipped anything.

Scam website do not use


The 'unit' is just some guy's house.

(RESOLVED) Uk Wholesale - DJ2GO Limited scam in terms - Goods not recieved but Money paid !!!!!

Terrible service and most likely a scam not sure if legal under distance selling act either ???

No-service, No Goods, No reply. UK Wholesale - DJ2GO Ltd

After almost two weeks, the product ordered and paid for on the UK Wholesale website has not been received. The telephone number is not answered. An e-mail has not been answered. This seems to reflect the experience of others. It remains to be seen whether we will get our money back or get the product that we ordered.

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY - UKwholesale.info

i ordered some items which were required for a project with a fixed completion date. The items were shown as in stock and available for immediate dispatch.

All documentation via email showed good promise but it wasn't until i logged on to my account to check progress that alarm bells began to ring... my delivery status was showing as completed!


This is a terrible company to deal with, they take the money out of your account immediately, then do nothing. 

I've been waiting 10 days now for an order to be posted out and the status of my order still says 'in progress'. 

Emails are not answered and they don't answer the phone either. My experience seems typical of what other

people have experienced. Avoid this company at all costs, they are nothing but a bunch of rogues.

Terms & Conditions will catch you out. (UK Wholesale - DJ2GO Ltd)

Please be aware that this company operate a no cancellation and no returns policy hidden in their terms and conditions.

Although their website states 'standard UK delivery' it does not draw attention to the fact that they will exercise the right to take up to 30 days before processing your order and will not contact you during this time and will not return calls or emails until they are ready to do so.

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